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  1. What is the curve that Mark Scheifele uses? i have one of his pro stock sticks and i love it. I would like to get one of my own.

    1. From a similar question: A couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to lie on sticks. First, ours don’t correspond to our competitors. Ours are measured differently and the numbers are different from other sticks on the rack. Second, we want you to pick up the stick and feel for yourself what it feels like in your hands. We don’t want you to look at the lie and instantly dismiss a stick. Third, most people don’t know what lie they need/want in a stick. With that in mind…if you look at the full curve chart on this page to where it says “Warrior Code.” The last digit in the number is the lie of the stick. But, again, it doesn’t correspond to our competitors.
      Warrior 3 = Other brands 4
      Warrior 4 = Other brands 5
      Warrior 5 = Other brands 6

      1. The warrior code numbers that are split by a slash is one side Junior or intermediate and other side senior lies

      2. Thanks for the reply to my previous post. The problem I have is my son is in between Youth and Junior sticks. A lie 5 on a youth seems to fit him better than a life 5 on a junior… what would you recommend for one of your sticks. Example he’s currently using bauer youth Mathews pattern vapor… lie 5 works great…

      3. Our W03 – Backstrom is the same pattern. As explained in previous comment (in this section), our lie measurements differ from other brands. Our 4 is the same as their 5.

      4. what would the equivalent be for Easton Iginla curve lie 5.5 (I know they aren’t around anymore, been out of the game a while)

  2. I happened to come across article about you guys making the gloves and sticks for Gretzky and that you made a curve for him like he used to use. Any chance of making that curve available. His Easton curve was really popular back in the day and I used it for years. Was my favorite curve and never have found one like it since.

  3. Hi Warrior,

    Does the Sr. Alpha QX have any “free cutoff” length that wouldn’t affect the flex? I like the thicker shaft of the senior model, but play with a stick of 57″ length and buying a 75 flex could make it too stiff.

    Thanks for making great sticks & equipment!

      1. Just curious about these particular comments in this section, so would I be correct in assuming since each inch cut off of the stick makes it play 4 points stiffer, does that work the opposite way as well? If I added a two inch buttend to a 30 flex stick would the stick now play like a 22 flex?

      2. Not exactly. Stick extensions are commonly referred to as “dead flex zones.” Small ones don’t really change the behavior of the stick except to add a counterweight or simply extend. That said, if you were somehow able to add an extension beyond the standard six-inches, the dynamics of the stick could begin to change more drastically.

    1. See our comments on lie higher up in this thread. The last digit of the Warrior Code is the lie of each pattern.

    1. ive been using a prostock byfuglien curve for 6 months now and its the best curve ive ever used. im 6’6 natural defenceman but moved to foreward, and i tear it up with this stick. only drawback is top shelfers from in front of the net tend to bobble wide or over … toe is a little hard to control in close. anything from top of circle is deadly and dangles have alot of control

  4. Looking at the comments … quite a few people miss the kovalchuk w08! Can you please bring it back?! Don’t recommend the w88 – the closed face of the w08 makes a world of a difference for powerful wrist shots. There is nothing quite the same from any of the other brands. I’m begging. One other note, make your grip models a tad grippier. The bauer apx 2’s of the past had the correct balance of grip when squeezing and also the ability to still slide with a softer grip. My 2 cents. Thanks.

    1. W08 is available as a custom option. We have no plans to return it to the regular retail line. The grip finish is based on our most popular at the pro level.

    2. Yes, I’m in the same boat. Really miss the W08 Kovalchuk curve. Stuck playing with W14, which I hoped would be close, but I really dislike it. Won’t buy anymore warrior til you bring back W08 to retail.

      1. The W08 hasn’t been offered on a retail stick since 2013. As stated in another comment, there are no plans to return it to the lineup. It will remain a custom option only for the foreseeable future.

  5. Just broke a Leftie QR1 70 flex dagger t2. On the handle it says “W03 HENRIQUE 70 GRIP.” Loved it and want to replace it. Can’t find it anywhere.

    What’s the closest one available now in 70 flex, please, and where can I buy it?


  6. This is a throw back, probably a long shot, but do you have anything similar to a Joe Nieuwenkdyk curve? I had wooden Hespeler 8800 back in the day. Seems it was maybe a mid heel curve, slightly open. not sure of lie. Second, maybe easier question, do you have specs, or sell a model of Koivu’s curve?

    1. Have no idea about the Nieuwendyk curve, I would need to see it to make a recommendation on a current curve. As for Mikko’s curve, we don’t make it available at retail but I believe it is similar to the Selanne Pro curve that we offer as a custom option.

  7. I know you have covered this a bit, but didn’t see anything specific to the QRL flex. If I cut a 60″ and a 63″ QRL 75 flex to 59″ will both sticks still be 75 flex? Do most low kick point sticks have 2 to 3 inches of free cut off?
    Thanks for your help!

    1. If you’re cutting a QRL Pro, then the flex would be similar. However, if you’re cutting a QRL Long the flex would increase about 3-4 points for every inch cut off. Same for the regular QRL. Only our “Pro” sticks (QRL Pro or QX Pro) allow for a couple inches of cutoff.
      No, most sticks (of any kick point) don’t allow for free cutoff.

  8. Okay I found what I’m looking for for my son. Does Warrior offer a youth version in the 30 Flex with the w71 pattern (or something that’s lightweight same pattern)…

  9. What would the replacement be for a Bentley Draper be??? Kids been an old Jr Stick and ready to get a new one.

    1. The W03 curve is currently the Backstrom. Anything in the Covert line would be a suitable replacement.

    1. Curves are largely a matter of personal preference. W88 or W03 are the two most popular we make. W28 would be third. Any of those would be an excellent place to start.

  10. I’m glad I stocked up on Kovalchuks when they were available, but when my last one breaks my heart will too. Best pattern ever.

  11. Hey, I love my e28 curve but I feel like a mid curve would suit me best for my shooting. My current wo3 curve just isn’t my cup of tea since I can’t toe drag with it. Do you guys have an option of a mid or even heel curve blade that has kind of a hook at the toe for easier toe drags? Thanks

    1. All of the patterns available at retail are shown above. If you want to custom order sticks, you could look at a W10. It’s a bit more of a toe hook with a flatter mid-section.

    1. QXT is not a retail stick. It’s a team stick sold to lower level pro teams and junior teams. It’s a mix of a QX3 and QX4.

  12. I have an Kovalchuk W08 curve that I like very much. This is not available and the only comparable curve looks like the Zetterberg W88. All are specs are the same other that Angle (W08 – Closed vs W88 Slight-open) and Length (W08 – Short vs W88 – Medium).

    Safe bet to go with the Z-berg?

    1. Unless you would want to order custom sticks (and get the W08) then, yes, the W88 is your closest alternative.

  13. Hi there. Do your youth and junior sticks have a cut-free zone. I’m interested in your QX Flex 50 (W28) and trimming it to 48”. My son likes shorter sticks and weighs 107lbs. Thanks!

  14. hey warrior people – i just wanted to say I really like the W71 curve. Are there magnets inside the stick because my teammates says it looks like there are when i have the puck 🙂 please don’t discontinue or change it! Love the deep curve and the fact that it’s not too open. Laser like passes to boot.

  15. What is the difference between the Suter and Granlund Curve? also, what did you do with the classic Inno heel hook curve that was similiar to these?

  16. Hi Warrior,
    I am having a really hard time finding the QRL (or any other warrior stick for that matter) with the Karlson curve anywhere. Why is that? Has it been taken off the market? Do i need to custom order it? If its gonna make its way back to retail stores, would you know when? Cheers.

    1. The W16 is available on our top line sticks currently. If not available at your local hockey shop, an online retailer may be your best option for finding it.

  17. What’s the difference between your QREdge and QRE Pro? Is it only the minimus carbon? And if so, why would a higher minimus carbon be beneficial, especially for my son who is playing first year atom (9 years old)?

    1. QREdge is lighter with the highest grade materials which provide the most performance benefit. QRE Pro is also 3″ longer.

  18. This year I bought, used, and then broke 2 of 3 QRL pro stock sticks. I liked the sticks and want to replace them. They were initially described as P88 (WS6) by the seller. They are also marked T8 Q2X. What would best replace these? Thanks for making great gear by the way.

    1. T8 is actually an Alpha QX construction. So, the sticks you were using were actually Alpha QX with QRL graphics. Closest replacement at retail would be a QX.

    1. That stick is exclusive to Canadian Tire, not a regular production model. You would have to see specs on their website.

  19. Why is the W05 only available on the high-end sticks?? I used to buy the replacement blades, and one piece sticks with the kovalev curve all the time, now I have to spend 300 bucks just to get my curve, cmon Warrior – please make it a staple to the warrior stick lineup again

    1. It’s a low volume pattern at retail that is not popular among younger players. Its a pattern that is traditionally used by older, more skilled players, thus, only available on the high end sticks.

  20. What warrior code is closest to Bauer p12 and p92? By looking at your charts, I think W03 is but, please confirm. Thanks!

    1. W28 has a much more open toe. W71 is a deep, mid curve with a slightly closed toe. Both are for players looking for maximum lift on shots.

  21. What would you recommended for a 11 year old AAA defense . looking for wrist shoot and slapshot précision. 120lbs and 4foot11.. i was thinking thank you.

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