Warrior PRO NHL Spotlight – November 5th

A lot of action around the league last night with no shortage of Warrior goals. Let’s start things off in Buffalo…

Tyler Johnson finishes the rush by going low blocker for his second of the season! Capture

David Desharnais on one knee, roof job! His fourth! Capture

The king of the deflection, Brendan Gallagher, shows those skills again and puts home his sixth! Capture

Andrew Ladd finds the quiet ice and fires in his fourth! Capture

Dustin Byfuglien strips Karlsson and walks into a giant clapper for his fourth of the season! Capture

Gregory Campbell beats Quick low glove side with the snapper for his first of the year! Capture

Joonas Donskoi just puts everything into the net, including the puck, for his second of the year. Capture

Patrick Marleau shows that he’s still got the speed and the power as he drives to the net for his fourth! Capture

Hope you enjoyed the Warrior Goals from last night. We’re looking forward to a big weekend from our guys.

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