Black Friday Blowout 2015

It’s the Monday before Thanksgiving (in America) and thoughts of family, friends, food and football are on the mind.  But after waking from the pumpkin pie/tryptophan-haze, our attention quickly turns to punching another human in the face for 30% off a Darth Vader Helmet toaster (it exists – google it!).


Ah yes! Black Friday is almost here!

We, at Warrior, love that there could be customers out there fighting each other for a deal on Warrior sticks, so we put together a plan to cause exactly that all around North America.

We are giving you the chance to save $100 on the purchase of a Warrior top-end stick.

Take your pick:

You could save on the lightest, fastest stick we’ve ever made, the Covert QR1.


You could save on unleashing the power of the Dynasty HD1.


Or, you could even save on our latest Darth Vader toaster-inspired Covert QR1 SE Black.

QR1 SE Back


All you have to do is go to your Warrior dealer online or in-store on Friday November 27, buy a stick, and click the link we give you to fill out your address and take a picture of your receipt.  Warrior will then mail you a check for $100 (C$100 to Canadian customers – let’s keep things fair).


Here the catch – there are only 500 rebates available in North America.

So, carbo-load up on Thursday, ’cause Friday is gonna rock!

Stay tuned to Warrior Hockey social media – we’ll be sending out the link to fill out your rebate form there.

Follow us today so you’re ready to save on Friday.  Click the icons below:

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If you, or your parents are lawyers – here’s all the legal details of the program.

Pour tout les détails en Français – cliquez ici


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