By: Keith Perera, Warrior Hockey Brand Manager

I got this random text message from a semi-familiar phone number last summer.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 2.32.18 PM

After reading it, I knew exactly who was on the other side.  The infamous “Master Minnesota Mane Man” himself – Pull Tab Productions (AKA purveyor of the Minnesota Hockey Hair videos)  Sorry, I’m really trying here, I should leave the catchy nicknames and descriptors to the master.

After the success of last year’s video, he was reaching out to let me know he was already gathering intel on the next video for 2016 tournament in March.  That’s how this guy operates, he’s 24/7 Hockey Hair.

Actually, after working with him over the last year, I’ve come to find out he’s 24/7 Minnesota hockey.  He told me he was taking his obsession with MN Hockey to a new level and contributing to a new website – GameONMN.  He gave me a 5 minute explanation of what content they would post and Warrior signed up as a sponsor immediately.

Here are some of the videos GameONMN has produced – classic stuff!

The first production was the Hockey Helper Helmet – a must for any overbearing hockey parent. (195K views to date)

The next video featured a Minnesota inside joke about a particular affluent suburb of Minneapolis. (150K views to date)

Needless to say from the view counts, and with the Warrior branding in both videos, our initial investment was earned.

But back to the grand-daddy of them all, the Pull Tab Productions (PTP) produced hockey hair video.

PTP asked if we’d be willing to donate equipment to the Hendrickson Foundation again.  If you remember last year, we had a stipulation that if the video reached 100K views we’d donate $15K in product…well we hit 100K in the first 20hrs, so we doubled our donation.  We signed up for the same flat donation with no view strings attached.

Learn more about the great work of The Hendrickson Foundation:

PTP also asked Warrior to make a super-exclusive hat for the winners this year.  Also, with the demand we received for the hats last year, we decided that we could use this opportunity for good and generate some cash for our shared cause – The Hendrickson Foundation.

Here’s the sketch


and here’s the final product:



If you want a hat, visit our eBay auction – 100% goes to our charity.  Special thanks to David Portnoy (aka El Presidente) at Barstool Sports for helping get the word out.


Needless to say, the video itself is already a huge success. We’ve had 1.2mil views in 2 days.


If you’d like to see how a video gets to 1.2mil views in 2 days – check out my tally board tracker in this post.  

Social Media and the internet work in amazing ways.