by: Keith Perera Warrior Hockey Brand Manager

Here’s a step by step tracking of how the 2016 Hockey Hair Video went viral and how I screwed up Warrior’s single biggest earned media impression day of the year.

(Note: All times eastern – Tweet embed times are accurate when you click through).


Video posted by Pull Tab Productions on YouTube, and tweeted out by @GameONMN


Video link is sent to me.  I sleep through the text. (I know – I had one job…)

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 5.14.25 PM.png


Star Tribune shares video and accompanying exclusive story with interview of PTP. (20K followers)


I wake up in a panic and immediate post video link on all Warrior Social Channels.


Yahoo/PuckDaddy/Sean Leahy first pick up video and share story. (146K + 20K followers)



Total Frat Move shares the video with story. (1.13mil Followers)


Deadspin shares the video with story. (963K Followers)


Barstool Sports (291K Followers) – share video and writes story – written by El Presidente himself (262K Followers)

In the Barstool Story, El Prez signs off with “PS I NEED THIS HAT”  and I immediately reached out to him and had it shipped Monday morning.  He was happy –


Sporting News video and story share


10:00AM – Video has 8K views


CBS Sports Online posts video with story (680K Followers)


1PM – Video has 16K views

4PM – Video has 126K views

6PM – Video has 297K views

7PM – Video has 340K views

10PM – Video has 366K views

The video has since gone viral with news outlets picking it up.  ESPN, NPR, NBC Sports etc…