Warrior PRO NHL Spotlight – January 27th

We’ve officially hit the All-Star break so, let’s send you to Nashville with a couple of quick highlights…

Nicklas Backstrom gets himself open on the rush and Oshie sauces him the biscuit, then he buries it in the top corner for his 16th! Capture

Dwight King scores his fourth of the year as he streaks down the slot and buries the slick feed! Capture

That’s all for the first half of the season! Warrior PROs hit the break with over 600 goals scored and 1,700 points on the season! That goes along with 215 wins and 25 shutouts from our Warrior Goalie PROs.


Warrior PRO NHL Spotlight – January 26th

Nine games across the NHL last night as we wind down the first half. Let’s start in Boston…

Zdeno Chara somehow gets the wrister through traffic and finds the top corner for his seventh. Capture

Devante Smith-Pelly finds some quiet ice and snaps home the nice feed for his fourth of the season! Capture

Erik Karlsson follows the play to the net and slides in to score his 11th of the season! Capture

Dustin Byfuglien unleashes a rocket form center ice and scores his 13th of the season! Capture

Big Buff wasn’t done as he gets in the clear and goes top ched for his 14th! Dab. Capture

Joe Pavelski hits the yawning net on the PP for his 25th of the season! Capture

Brandon Saad also added an empty-netter for his 19th to cap the scoring last night.

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Warrior PRO NHL Spotlight – January 25th

The crunch is on as we head towards the All-Star break. A lot of games coming up over the next couple days and lots of scoring…? It started last night…

Justin Abdelkader gets his 14th off the rush as he positions himself for the one-timer and buries it in the top corner! Capture

The Wayne Train was at full speed last night as Wayne Simmonds finds the rebound and slams home his 13th! Capture

Wayne wasn’t done as he drives the net and bangs in his second of the night and 15th of the year! The goal was challenged but stood after review.Capture

Brett Connolly shows some slick hands here as he deflects in the game winner off the point shot from Chara! His seventh of the year!  Capture

Brendan Gallagher gets goal number 12 on the bank job! Still counts. Capture

Brandon Saad wastes no time in burying the rebound for his 17th! Saad also added an ENG for his 18th. Capture

Only two more nights until the All-Star break…

Warrior PRO NHL Spotlight – January 23rd

As usual, it was a busy Saturday night around the NHL, so let’s get to it…

Joonas Donskoi sets up and takes the perfect feed for the one timer and blasts in his seventh of the year! Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 9.25.46 AM

Joe Pavelski rips a wrister short side off the face-off for his 23rd! Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 9.29.13 AM.png

David Desharnais gets his ninth of the season as he cuts to the net and goes top shelf! Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 9.32.34 AM

Joffrey Lupul gets number 11 as he drives the net and finishes on the rebound! Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 9.35.07 AM

Darren Helm scores his fourth on the breakaway on his first shift with the Dynasty HD1! Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 9.38.23 AM

JT Brown doesn’t give up and drives the net to push in his fourth of the season. Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 9.41.19 AM

Dustin Byfuglien scores number 12 as he swats in the rebound on the PP! Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 9.43.40 AM

Shane Doan sets up and gets the high deflection for his 17th of the season! Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 9.45.54 AM

Leon Draisaitl gets his 12th of the season as he cuts off the wing and dekes to the front for the finish! Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 9.48.55 AM

Brian Campbell also added an empty-netter to cap the Saturday scoring! Not a bad day…Have a great Sunday!

Get SQUARE Fast!

by Kirk Allen – Warrior Goalie Product Manager

Each time you step on the ice you aspire to raise your level of play. And because of your drive to be your best we’ve set out to design gear that will elevate the performance of every goaltender that uses it.

Designing anything is basically an exercise in problem solving. To effectively solve problems you need to simplify them down to root causes. In order to design the best performing equipment, we’ve boiled goalie gear down to the elements we’ve explained below: Maximized Coverage, Responsive Stability, Unrestricted Mobility, Speed (Slide/Weight).



Maximized coverage is simple. It means taking full advantage of every square inch of blocking surface you are allowed. A quarter inch can be the difference between a routine save and the game winning goal against. You might assume that all equipment built to the maximum NHL legal specs is basically equal from a coverage perspective, but think about this:

Does your trapper naturally open as wide as it could? If no, you are sacrificing coverage.

Is your boot tapered? Does your pad under/over rotate? Every time this occurs, you open up holes along the ice and lose coverage. We call this Tilt Loss.

Building gear to what most goaltenders call “NHL legal specs” does not mean it will maximized coverage during play. Having a trapper that is fully open and leg pads that have zero tilt loss define what maximized coverage is.



Your gear should be an extension of you. It should respond with your movements and be always positioned correctly without you having to think about it or adjust it. When a pad over rotates, it is not stable. When it wobbles and needs to be tapped back into place after transitions, it is not stable. Gear with the responsive stability feature will effortlessly remain in control while you move through your entire range of motion.


Any time a piece of your equipment restricts or prevents your fullest range of motion, it is decreasing your speed and power, and causing you fatigue.
Trapper and blocker cuffs and wrist straps that don’t interfere with your C&A or impede your wrist’s natural range of motion means faster hands, and gloves that are squarer to the puck.
Pads that rotate without resistance reduce fatigue and make you faster. Another key characteristic of leg pads is the degree to which they allow or interfere with your ability to keep skate blade contact with the ice. We call this characteristic Blade/Ice Interface. Pads that facilitate skate blade contact with the ice at even the most extreme angles without causing slip-outs give you more power, control and mobility.



If your equipment is lighter, you will be quicker. If your pads slide more easily, you’ll get there faster. Light weight + easy slide = fast equipment.

These key elements of goalie gear – coverage, stability, mobility, slide/weight – can be summarized even more simply in these infographics:


The combination of all these elements fulfills the concept “GET SQUARE. FAST.”
When designing goalie equipment it often comes up that if you want one performance characteristic then you have to give up another. For example, some might say in order to gain coverage you’ll have to sacrifice mobility. Or, to create lightweight gear you will lose stability. This implies an acceptance of compromise. We don’t like compromise. We identify the performance characteristics that will Elevate YOUR Game to the highest level and set out to deliver all of them.

This requires real, performance driven innovation.

In our next blog we’ll explain the features of the Ritual G3 line and how they’ll help you GET SQUARE FAST to Elevate YOUR game.


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Warrior PRO NHL Spotlight – January 21st

Ready for a stroll through some Warrior Goals?

Let’s go…

Alex Burrows turns, rips, cellies! His seventh of the season! Capture

Michael Frolik with the lightning release on the rebound for his sixth! Capture

Artem Anisimov with the deke and finish for his 17th! Almost a carbon copy of his 16th! Capture

Nail Yakupov with a squeaker through Niemi for his fourth of the season! Capture

Have a great Friday! Watch for a new podcast later today!

Warrior PRO NHL Spotlight – January 19th

There was a lot of Warrior scoring last night so, this is going to take a while…

Alex Burrows gets his sixth of the year on this nice deflection past the King! Capture

Roman Polak gets his first of the year off the rebound as he jams it in! Capture

Joffrey Lupul buries the rebound into the open net for his 10th! Capture

Nicklas Backstrom scores his 14th off the three-on-two rush! Capture

Make it two for Nick Backstrom as he deflects this one past Bob for his 15th!  Capture

Nikita Nesterov gets himself open and fires home the one timer for his third! Capture

Mark Letestu speeds away and gets a shorty for his seventh! Capture

Leon Draisaitl takes the sauce from Taylor Hall and gets his 11th! Capture

Iiro Pakarinen turns and fires the knuckler towards the net for his fourth of the year! Capture

Artem Anisimov cuts to the net and dekes for his 16th of the season! Capture

10 goals last night. 10. Not a bad night’s work, gents.