Elevate YOUR Game

by Pete Smith – Warrior Goalie

Happy New Year! This Spring 2016, Warrior Hockey is proud to announce the all new Ritual G3 line of goalie leg pads and gloves. Building on the success and momentum of the highly innovative G2 line, the G3 line will deliver new industry leading innovations and provide unparalleled, state of the art performance on the ice.

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As goalies ourselves and designers, we on the Warrior Goalie team, are in constant pursuit of performance improvement in goaltending. This improvement relies on the relationship between equipment and the performance of the goaltender. We put all our energy and resources towards understanding this relationship and pushing the boundaries forward. Over the next month, we will be releasing details on each product in the Ritual G3 line while explaining how our innovative features will empower you to perform your best.

This is what really excites us about designing goalie gear. We want you to reach your performance goals. We want you to surpass what you thought you were capable of. We want you to achieve your peak performance ! We know our gear will help you get there and stay at the top!

When the game is on the line, and your coach and teammates are counting on you to perform…Will your equipment help you rise to the occasion or hold you back?

Elevate YOUR Game.


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