Ritual G3 – Leg Pad Tech

by The Warrior Goalie Development Team (Pete Smith, Neal Watts, Kirk Allen)


In our last post we spoke about performance driven innovation. This means we only put innovations in our product that deliver improved on-ice performance.

In this blog, we’ll explain the key performance benefits that result from the innovations found in the Ritual G3 Leg Pads, helping you Get SQUARE FAST and Elevate YOUR Game:

– Extremely lightweight – The G3 Leg pads are the lightest pro leg pads on the market, by far.

 Super Fast Slide – Butterfly slide faster than you ever have before.

 Effortless Rotation – Superior stance to butterfly transitions.

 Advanced Butterfly Stability & Seal – Exceptional toe to five-hole coverage along the ice and no over or under-rotation.

– Optimized Blade/Ice Interface – Facilitates blade contact with the ice at the most extreme angles. No slip-outs.

 Complete Upright Stability – Pads that feel securely connected to your skate throughout your entire range of motion. No tapping pads back into place after transitions. .

G3 Leg Pad Tech Overview A


G3 Leg Pad Tech Overview B


G3 Leg Pad Tech Overview C



The Get Square. Fast. formula:



 Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 4.15.33 PMELEVATE YOUR GAME

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41 thoughts on “Ritual G3 – Leg Pad Tech

  1. I hope the quality is better than the G2! My son bought a complete set of G2 last August and by December the catcher had a huge rip in the palm, the inside of the pads were totally frayed, and the velcro on the knee pads didn’t hold anymore…

      1. A 30 day warranty for goalie equipment is an absolute joke. That is embarrassing…how can you not stand behind your equipment longer than that??

      2. Dave, if there is ever an issue with goal gear, every case is evaluated individually and a number of factors are examined, including the stress put on the gear by the user. Most (if not all) of the time a solution can be found quickly, amicably and without hostility. We stand behind our equipment and encourage our customers to contact our Customer Service team if they ever have an issue that requires attention.

  2. I hope these are better then the G2, had a Full set of G2 and they just fail apart, total crap, within less then 6 months of paying mens league the pads where failing part (stitching coming apart, fraying and all kinds of poor quality) and glove ripped. Was so upset considering all my other gear is Warrior. Had to go buy a different set of gear because the G2 could not hold up. What was even more sad about the G2 series is that I got my son, mite goalie, a set as well when I got my set of G2 and even his set was falling apart after one full season. I hope these new G3 actually last more then one season. If they are anything like the G2 quality then I hate to say it I won’t be wearing Warrior gear anymore and I have been using Warrior gear for years, best set of pads ever was the Warrior Messiah. Warrior needs to have the average guy and pro test the gear out and give real feedback prior to launching a set because the knee area and strap system on the G2 was just bad. Warrior is going to have to really try and prove themselves after the G2 and its going to take a lot to win me back.

    1. Alex, sorry to hear about your experience with the G2 pads. All of our gear is tested by both Pro and amateur athletes before release. On-ice testing is always part of the process from start to finish. We’ve taken that feedback and used that in the design of the new G3 line and we’re very excited about both the performance and quality of the new G3 line.

      1. Lots of negativity here on quality. So I this someone needs to post soemthing positive. I only by pro level gear…. And at 350 games nothing as torn or ripped playing as a rent a goalie.

        The G2 was thigh highest quality level of gear I’ve ever used. Outlasted my Reevoks and ccms.

        If you are using no pro gear, Reebok or CCM, or Warrior it’s not going to last as long as pro.

        You get what you pay for, expect it to last a short period of time if pay very little. Everything is designed that way.

        If you compare the pro custom G2 to XLT or Premier, or Brian’s… G2 was the higher quality gear. A lot to do with no binding, there really is no wear spots that can wear.

        I’m sorry Warrior you have to deal with people that don’t understand the different price points and levels of gear.

        Thank you for hiring Pete Smith and making the most innovative gear on the market.

      2. I’m not sure I follow you…I bought ritual G2’s. Are there different quality levels of those? I don’t believe there are. You are telling me I get what I pay for…well I paid for G2’s.

      3. For Youth, Junior and Int pads there is only one tier. For Senior pads there is a Pro option with slightly different internals designed to further decrease weight.

  3. When will these pads hit the market?? My son is looking forward to getting a new pair of Warrior pads. Will there be Intermediate sizes…..31″+1″??

  4. Hi,
    I own the g2 glove and really love them. While the elastic system look good, will there be a leather strapping option for us old school guys.

  5. What stock sizes will be manufactured without going custom? The G2 sizes were always too small and we all know how custom ordering turned out for the G2 – honestly the only reason I’m not already in a set of G2s.

    1. Eric, the custom process will be much, much improved for the G3. As for sizing, for senior, 32+1.5, 33+1.5, 34+1.5, 35+1.5 and 36+1.5 will be the stock offerings.

  6. will any of the straps be available for replacement/upgrades for G2 owners? lets see the details on the gloves now please! I just got a set of G2’s ( I always gotta buy clearance stuff for affordability). the opinions of the G2 have all been love them or hate them. so far i love my pads. (gloves are shipping). I’m wondering if the new gloves have similar removable palms, and if they will be usable in the G2’s or if i have to worry about availabilty of replacement palms in the future.

  7. I had a full Ritual G1 Custom Pro set, and a Custom Pro Full G2 set. The G1 set has been passed on to a buddy and they are still going strong. My G2 set had the bubbled glove palm issue. I sent it back to be fixed because Warrior knew exactly what the issue was. When I got the repaired glove back, it was still bubbled just as bad as when I sent it and I decided I had to live with it. I wasn’t thrilled about that at $2400 for the set. I will say that though there were many uneven stitches and seams, and the glove palm issue was disappointing, especially after the 7 month wait for my pads, Warrior’s customer service is pretty solid, and my pads are still holding up nicely. There is some fraying around the knee area, but thats what happens when velcro rubs on nylon. I hope the G3 launch has way less speed bumps and the quality control issues have been addressed.

  8. Just bought a set of intermediate 31+1. I see pictures here of a toe and heel strap. The set we bought only has a toe strap. Our son is having an issue with these sitting lower than his last set. Causing him to struggle to push with his skate when in butterfly position. Any strap placement or modifications we can make to help the pads sit better for him?

  9. I always wore either vaghn or Brian’s pads. Last year my daughter was shopping for pads and she really wanted the warrior G3 pads. I knew nothing about them but we got them for her. I immediately noticed how well my daughter could butterfly and slide compared to other children. I was so impressed with how the pads performed I asked our local dealer if I could demo a set. Well I am please to say that I bought a pair for myself and will soon be buying another set for my daughter as she has out grown hers. I can’t speak for the G2 or earlier models as I have never worn them but I am impressed with the G3’s so far.

  10. My son is 8 and plays rep hockey. On the ice 5-6 days a week. He love his ritual G3 equipment. The rebounds of kick save are great and the gear is light weight and wears great. We hope that in the future warrior will offer custom gear in sizes small then a 30 inch pad.
    Cheers and thanks

  11. the g3 pros are to date the best i have used. no complaints no issues. cant wait for the g4’s .. warrior has my buisness..

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