Ritual G3 Trapper/Blocker Tech Overview

by The Warrior Goalie Team (Pete Smith, Neal Watts, Kirk Allen)

The G3 Trapper and Blocker are totally new for 2016. As with the leg pads, these new designs and features demonstrate our commitment to performance driven innovation.

Here are the key performance benefits that result from the innovations found in the Ritual G3 Trapper and Blocker, helping you Get SQUARE FAST and ElevateYOUR Game:

– Extremely Lightweight – The G3 Trapper and Blocker are the lightest pair of pro goalie gloves on the market.

– Maximized Coverage – Trapper opens wide and allows an excellent seal to the ice.

– Snappy Closure – Game ready trapper closure.

– Stopping Power – Rigid trapper tee maintains shape and doesn’t cave in to hard shots.

– Protection– Superior trapper palm/back hand protection and blocker finger protection.

Maximized Wrist Mobility – Wide-open cuffs on trapper and blocker allow a complete and unrestricted range of motion.

Stable/Versatile Straps – Strategic strap positions allow stable connection and control of gloves without reducing range of motion.

– Customizable Fit – Removable trapper palms provide options for a 60, 75 or 90-degree feel.

– Customizable Board Position – Removable blocker palms allow a customizable board position giving the goalie the option to choose more coverage, a perfect center balance or easier paddle down mobility.

Diagram 1:

Trapper Diagram

Diagram 2:

Trapper Diagram 2

Diagram 3:

Blocker Diagram

Diagram 4:

Blocker Diagram 2

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 4.15.33 PM

Elevate YOUR Game.


37 thoughts on “Ritual G3 Trapper/Blocker Tech Overview

  1. Are the junior gloves also updated? The G2 jr blocker and trapper felt small (almost like youth-sized) when compared to other junior gloves, but the intermediates were too big for my 10 y/o. We’ve got two sets of G2 pads that he loves (and three Warrior C/As, four sticks, a jock…), but couldn’t make jump on the gloves. Thoughts?

  2. How does Warrior sizing compare to other brands. My so. Tried on Brian’s youth glove/blocker and it was much smaller compared to the CCM youth glove/blocker. Almost like the CCM was in between youth and Jr.

  3. Really excited about the G3 line, though I feel like you need to do more of a comparison of your gear to the competition. Looking at video of your gear in action is great, but showing it in comparison to the competition would go a long way to selling your gear even more. Also, claiming your gear is the lightest without providing any real data is a beef of mine… why not throw a variety of gloves on a scale and share the results?

  4. Will pads and gloves be available in custom colors?
    Looking for the vintage Tan with some color thrown in.
    Delivery time?

    1. Standard Stock will be white/white. Retailers have/had the opportunity to order different color options for their stores so options will vary by retailer.

      1. The colors in the promo pictures above will not be part of the stock colors? Also what is the highlight color red or orange having trouble telling because each picture I want to say the other. Either way they are looking great.

  5. In terms of graphic options you guys still plan to do the variations for non custom setups such as Euro graphic, Classic Pro with knee rolls etc? Personally I am really interested in the Classic pro look 😉 thnaks

    1. There will be two graphic offerings for the G3, the stock G3 and the Classic Pro. Retailers have the option to order specific color ways but standard stock will be white/white/white.

  6. Are the youth and junior gloves/blocker/pads have the same strap system as the pro ones. I can’t seem to find any info on the smaller sizes. My son currently is wearing G2 pads and gloves but will moving into bigger equipment next season. He’s very excited about the G3 series

    1. The junior and youth gloves and pads to not carry the same strapping system as the intermediate and senior gear. The youth and junior strapping system for G3 will be very similar to the G2.

  7. The gear looks really great. I loved the first Ritual series, however, I hated the G2 line. Howeger, the G3 line is a strong gear to consider to switch back to Warior. I would be interested if there is a Custom Pro version which is “Made in Canada”? Please advise.

      1. Thank you for your quick reply. Is there any G3 line “Made in Canda” available?! I like to buy Canadian made products….. ☺

      2. That’s a shame. Even not for Pro players such as players in the DEL (German Hockey League)?!? I am asking because we do have some Pros we consult within our hockey shop.

      3. Thank you very much! If the same quality materials are used, I am not that worried, however, we have often seen that “overseas made pro gear” from other brands used thinner leather and most seams were of low quality. We therefore are looking foreward to see your new line at the our German distributor!!!

      4. That’s really good to know! As I said, we were not too much impressed with the G2 line. We had a lot of quality problems with the catchers and customers were not too happy with the pads. However, thus said, we had plenty of stock of the G1 Custom Pro line which we passed to our customers instead. So we did not loose clients to other brands….☺ What’s really a good product to us is the Warrior pro pant as well as the knee wraps and the jocks. Good accessories at a rely good price point. And of course your goalie sticks…..our customers love them!!!

  8. I Live in the GTA more specifically Milton Ontario and would like my son to try on a set of G3 intermediate gloves . Where can I go to do this.

  9. I just got the G3 Sr Trapper. It doesn’t appear to have the Mechanical Axy-Flex Tent technology that the G2 Pros had. Also, it appears you got rid of the removable practice palm feature as well. I ask because I saw official ads that claim the G3 Pro, Sr & Int trappers have both these features.

      1. OK, I think I can feel the AxyFlex now, it was a little more subtle than I expected. However, the G3’s definitely do not have the removable foam practice insert (I’m not talking about the removable palm liner). Page 9 of your 2017 catalog says the G3’s are “Available with removable foam practice insert” and “Toggle between practice protection and game ready feel quickly and easily.” Neither of these statements are accurate.

      2. The foam insert was not included with the G3 trapper. That should have been removed from the catalog but was missed during the editing process. Apologize for the confusion.

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