Ritual G3 Graphic

by the Warrior Goalie Team (Pete Smith, Neal Watts, Kirk Allen)

In past Ritual G3 blog posts, we’ve explained the product features and benefits to the Goalie to “Elevate YOUR Game.”  We broke down our construction and innovation details, but one very important factor that goalies care about has not been addressed.  The importance of color and aesthetic customization on goal equipment.  It’s the reason you will play around on a goalie equipment color customizer for four hours and share designs with all your friends.

We all know hockey uniforms are among the sharpest, cleanest and most recognizable in all of sports. With this in mind, we set out to create a graphic that would complement a wide range of hockey uniforms.

The Ritual G3 graphic is distinct, sharp and will be easy to match to your team’s uniform in uniquely personal ways. The fact is, a well-known jersey, even with the team logos and numbers removed, is still easily recognizable due to distinct striping and color placement.

Take a look at this Warrior blank jersey gallery…Can you name all the teams?

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Striping, in a lot of ways, is timeless.  Think about the most iconic jerseys from any sport from the past decades, these uniforms all have one thing in common, distinct striping.  The Ritual G3 line embraces the understanding of how important striping is to a team uniform and how equipment should complement a team’s jersey.

As a goaltender, you want to look different from your teammates and/or fellow goalies but you also want to look a part of the team. When graphics are too busy or random, it can be difficult to accomplish a unique look while still blending well with the team’s uniform.  With the new Ritual G3 line, you can achieve both.

A common trend among goalies is changing the colorways of their pads using a variety of aftermarket products.  If you’ve ever done this, you know it involves a substantial amount of time tracing and cutting perfectly shaped lines to match the graphics. With straight lines, in a parallelogram form, you’re able to adjust your colors in less time than what a squiggly line or paintball splat graphic might take.

The Ritual G3 line of pads and gloves will also be available in our Classic graphic for a simple, yet timeless look that goes well with any uniform.

Here are some examples of how the Ritual G3 compliments a variety of various jerseys designs and uniform colors.

Graphics 1Graphics 2


Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 4.15.33 PM

Elevate YOUR Game.

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10 thoughts on “Ritual G3 Graphic

  1. Would you all consider creating a few graphic options that don’t take away from the striping but yet create a more custom look? I wore the Felix Potvin cat pads from koho and they were by far my favorite design. The graphic on the lower portion of the pad created an awesome look without taking away from the uniformity of the team.

    1. Not for this year. The designs for the G3 are set. Perhaps in the future more graphic options could be added but we have outlined our philosophy on keeping the pad looking clean.

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