In-Depth Look at the Warrior Covert QRL Gloves

by the Warrior Protective Research and Development Team

Completely redesigned for 2016, the Warrior Covert QRL gloves bring innovation and performance, setting new marks in mobility, protection, and fit. This blog post will help guide you through the various design elements that helped maximize protection, lightweight and, most notably, flexibility.


Full 360o Mobility and Protection

The QRL gloves are designed for total freedom of movement with maximum protection, a problem we addressed, particularly, in the wrist. While competitors have simulated wrist mobility by reducing the size and length of the cuff protection, the engineering of the AxyFlex cuff allows mobility and protection to be treated independently.

The AxyFlex system works in 3 parts: The ring attachment, the cuff-roll, and the sliding flex-plate. The breathable ring attachment permits the cuff to float independently from the body of the glove, while the geometry and elastic attachments of the cuff-roll allow it to move with the wrist and slide up over the flex-plate, which reduces friction with the glove body.


With greater mobility, the protection is not locked in and floats with the hand, and is therefore an asset rather than a liability. This allows the protection to be augmented and maximized instead of sacrificed for mobility.

This is a feature that was only possible with the working and prototyping space available to our R&D team. This allowed us to continuously refine and tune patterns and prototypes in-house. Patterns and parts were shaved by millimeters to carefully control the movement of the cuff, achieving the optimal balance of mobility and structure.


press cuff

Serious Protection

Elite protection is carried throughout the rest of the glove with our Phantom Foam protection system. This formula of foams and plastics were selected after testing a large amount of different foam combinations in our Montreal test lab. We also tested all major hockey glove competitors.

With the final foam package, the QRL gloves weighs 300g per glove, the lightest weight when compared to equivalent competitor gloves. All while performing 20% better in impact absorption on average compared to the competition based on the average of low, mid, and high-energy impacts.

Clear Warrior Style

The QRL glove updates Warrior’s iconic X-shaped graphic and adds many graphic discovery features. The rich, new material mix was developed with fabric stretch and weight as primary selection factors.

Glove Graphic


We also paid special attention to the internal components. An all-new stretch-base and backhand design gives even more comfort and flexibility to the hand, paired with new gussets and palms. The QRL gloves feature an improved Smartpalm+ construction, which removes the seam along the pinky protection, giving the player zero gap between the palm and the stick. The glove also includes the AxyFlex thumb, and Wartech FnC liner powered by Polygiene throughout the glove keeping your hands cool, dry, and odor free.

3 Features

The full line of QRL gloves will be available in stores April 15, 2016. For an independent review and early impressions of the QRLs, check out this review posted previously by our special equipment blog contributor Doug Sears, Jr.


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