Ritual G3 Custom Leg Pad Fit Guarantee

by The Warrior Goalie Team


When choosing the size of your Custom Ritual G3 Leg Pads, it is important that you feel confident the personalized product you receive will fit properly. Warrior is committed to your satisfaction with equipment that performs and fits great. This is why we recently introduced, an industry leading, six month warranty on all Ritual G3 products which you can learn more about *HERE*

We are now excited to offer you our Custom Leg Pad Fit Guarantee! Whether you go into an authorized Warrior Ritual dealer or you’re making your sizing decisions on your own, using our sizing fit guide, you can order with confidence knowing that if the leg pads arrive and do not fit as you anticipated, we will build a new set with your desired size change. The full details of this offer can be found *HERE*

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2016 Swagger Foam Core Goal Sticks

by the Warrior Goalie Team


The Swagger PRO is the foundation of our foam core collection. It continues to be a top choice of NHLer’s who use Foam Core sticks because of it’s optimal puck feel, balanced weight, and consistent durability. The paddle is a thick construction urethane RIM core, offering stiff flex when passing and superb durability against high impact shots. The blade and paddle utilize strategically placed ABS plastic inserts for optimal durability without negatively affecting the weight and balance of the stick. The handle is a combination of Birch/Aspen with Fiberglass laminate on both the front and back face which keeps the top of the stick lightweight while providing extreme durability from impact. This stick is made exclusively in our Finland factory.

Swagger PRO

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