Warrior Covert Throwback Collection – Limited Release

by: KP – Warrior Hockey Marketing

When we first previewed our Covert QRL Throwback product line last year at our product review meetings, I had an instant wave of nostalgia hit me.

Chris, our head of player product, walked the group through some design boards with a product strategy that explained building a limited release line of product that was influenced by our first lines of sticks. It was an amazing idea, blend some of what made Warrior stand out when we first hit the market 10 years ago, while building our very best performing product of today.


The case was pretty simple and made sense. These types of throwback products are prevalent in the fashion and the footwear industry. Here, Chris gave an example of how Nike created a lifestyle shoe from what was once a technical running shoe at the time, the Nike Air Max.  The other influence from footwear can be the business model of releasing very limited quantities during a short selling period.  This type of shoe-hype release causes the product to be more special and sought-after.  The term “Limited Edition” and “Special Edition” has been thrown around in hockey sticks way too much (cough* Bauer), so we wanted this to be a real limited, special product.  More on that later.


From a marketing standpoint, I was sold from the outset. This gave Warrior a tremendous opportunity to recognize a time when these sticks were released and re-ignite the initial buzz our brand enjoyed when Kris Draper first stepped on the ice using the “Starskie”.

Colorado Avalanche v Detroit Red Wings

Ten years ago, Warrior shook the hockey business on many levels. From our iconic and immediate brand-name impression, to our loud and bright graphics, to our unique and in-your-face marketing, Warrior made an impression on the hockey business immediately.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 4.47.39 PM.png

At Pro:

We started our first NHL season with 40 NHL pros and grew that to over 80 in one season. This pro explosion was due to Warrior’s acquisition of Innovative Hockey. Which gave us immediate pro access and our own factory in North America to turn product quickly and control quality. Many pros already using Innovative (Fedorov, Kovalev, Roberts, Draper) easily transitioned to Warrior. Well, after they got over the graphics.


At Retail:

We didn’t open every retail outlet to our product, which created demand and garnered Warrior a niche position with the dealers we did choose in the USA and Canada.



Hockey players, especially in Canada, were ready for a new, young brand to shake up the locker rooms.   While other companies were celebrating over 100 years in the business, Warrior was speaking to young players who were not interested in “their dad or grandpa’s stick company”.

Here’s an example of where we’ve been and how far we’ve come – an internal hype video we made at our 5yr anniversary meeting (2010).


So with that “rich” brand DNA mixed with our latest, Lightning Quick technology, what was the outcome you may ask? Chris and our product design teams did an incredible job of mixing our Covert QRL stick technology and art structure with some of the graphic elements of our most iconic stick models from our infancy.  And similar to our product distribution model in the early years, a limited quantity of sticks will be available to a limited number of dealers in the USA and Canada.

Covert Super MacDaddy (QRL-2016) compared to the Original MacDaddy Grip (2007)


MacDaddy BLUE RH Over.jpg

Covert Super Dolomite (QRL-2016) compared to the Original Dolomite Clear (2007)

superdolomite_war_04_i copy.png


Covert Dolomite (QRL4-2016) compared to the original Dolomite Grip (2007)

dolomite_war_02_i copy.pngDOLOSNG-RSIDE 001.jpg


Covert MacDaddy (QRL5-2016) compared to the original MacDaddy Grip (2007)

macdaddy_war_02_i copy.pngMacDaddy BLUE RH Over.jpg


Tune in next week as I explain the differences between each stick in the line leading into launch day October 28.

6 thoughts on “Warrior Covert Throwback Collection – Limited Release

  1. When it says “limited release”, just how limited are the stick sales going to be? Like if I go hockey life on October 28th to get a super mac daddy will they be sold out cause the store only had 5 of them?

    1. Not that limited, but these sticks were only produced in a finite quantity and won’t be available for restock. The number of dealers with the sticks is also going to be smaller than normal stick releases.

  2. How much will the super mac daddy be in Canada? and will it be available in the granlund curve?

    1. The W05 – Granlund will not be offered on the the throwback sticks. The Super MacDaddy and Super Dolomite will be priced the same as the current Covert QRL. See your retailer for specific pricing.

      1. I’m the type of player who likes a large curve, I was looking at curves warrior already had for sale and like the Yakupov and Pacioretty, will either of these be for sale with the super mac daddy?

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