Wayne Gretzky is a Product Geek

by KP: Warrior Hockey Marketing
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Wayne Gretzky at the Edmonton Oilers morning skate — Winnipeg October 21, 2016 — Photo Credit: Instagram @wpgphotg


When Wayne Gretzky reached out to us a year ago to build his equipment for his Fantasy Camps and the upcoming Heritage Classic, we were pretty sure we were well-staffed to help.

Peter Millar – Working in the Edmonton Oilers Alumni Dressing Room ahead of the Heritage Classic Alumni morning skate – Winnipeg October 21, 2016


One of our current Pro Reps for teams like the Kings, Ducks and Sharks, Peter Millar, has a close personal relationship with Wayne. He was a trainer/equipment manager with the Edmonton Oilers and then moved with Wayne to the LA Kings. Peter worked closely with Wayne on what gear he would wear for the Heritage Classic Alumni game and how exactly we would customize what he wanted.


First we worked on sticks.


Gretzky had a very specific color scheme he wanted to go with. Orange base with blue and white accent decoration (logos/brand marks). He also asked that we print this special logo for the event on his sticks.

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Gretzky went with an old school (by today’s standards) one-piece fused construction with a little added weight.  His length spec is 55.75″ and is a 95flex.  Pretty much in keeping with the sticks that he’s always used.  Simple, short, great solid feel and stiff.

His blade mold (which we made just for him) is vintage Gretzky.  Pretty flat, with a small mid-curve and very slight open toe.  Low lie (approx 3.5)Gretzky #1 Curve Comp.jpg


All through the process, we built samples for him and sent them to him and his team for approval.  The process took a few rounds of samples on both graphics and construction.  But we nailed the final product.

Gretzky Stick Rack.JPG
Wayne Gretzky’s final stick designs – Winnipeg October 21, 2016

Once we got his sticks dialed in on looks and specs, we started work on his gloves.


Gretzky has always used gloves with long cuffs. He wasn’t as finicky on his glove specs, but requested that we build him a pair with long “Gretzky cuffs” (as we call them) and a pair with conventional cuffs. Well, from the looks of his on-ice practice today, he went with the long cuffs…keeping with his iconic look.

I mean, really, would it be Gretzky gloves without long cuffs?
Gretzky Cuffs


Another thing we did special for Wayne was we built the backhand, fingers and thumb structure using our newest glove coming out in 2017. Can’t say much about the new model now, but we thought it was only fitting that he be the first in the world to wear them.

Gretzky Final Glove design

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  1. Dear Sir or Madam,
    When wooden blades were around I used a Wayne Gretzky pattern. Every few years I would order 12 blades which would keep me going. Unfortunately the original pattern was lost on me and I have searched for a long time trying to replace it. When I read this article I thought I might have some hope here. Could I buy some of the blades or sticks from you with his original pattern? I would be very grateful if someone could help me with my problem.
    Thanks very much.
    Daly McLaughlin
    613 286 2003

    1. Not sure if the Gretzky pro pattern can be ordered on custom sticks. Please contact our Customer Service team and they can help you out with a custom order. We don’t offer custom blades, so it would have to be a stick order. You can contact them at http://www.warrior.com via the Contact Us page.

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