VIP Tease Blog

Congratulations VIPs, we’ve made it! This is the finish line for the 2017 Alpha QX VIP Program.

We truly can’t thank you all enough for all your hard work, creativity and effort you put into this program. Every year the VIP Program takes on a little bit of a different vibe and this year’s was no different. This year felt much more like a team and the connections that were made this year between VIPs is truly something very cool and special.

Choosing the Grand Prize Winner was incredibly difficult. There were ebbs and flows to the program and the waves of content produced but this truly was the best VIP Program to date (the program began in 2014).

So, without any further delay, here are your runners up and Grand Prize Winner of the 2017 Alpha QX VIP Program.

Last year we expanded the prize packs and handed out three places…this year we’ve expanded even more and have gone to FIVE places. Along with the prizes listed below, all our winners receive an automatic spot in the 2018 VIP Program.

5th Place: John Davies aka The Hockey Beard! The Beard makes a return appearance to the winner’s circle after finishing as the runner-up in 2016. He did most of his work on Instagram Stories this year so you had to act fast to see his posts. The Beard always keeps it fun and creative while working the Warrior into his posts from the gym, the rink or the bar. Congrats John! You’ll be receiving a second stock Alpha QX Stick and stock QX Pro Gloves.

4th Place: Nick Scarella aka RGudas3! A very strong showing from a first time VIP. Solid Photoshop work and constant brand awareness, Nick established himself as a VIP force from the very beginning. Not to mention, he camped out at Flyers rookie camp with his QX stick to talk with players after practice. That was a VIP move never seen before. Congrats Nick! You’ll be receiving a stock Alpha QX Stick, stock QX Pro Gloves and a Covert PX Helmet.

3rd Place: Marc-Louis Paprzyca aka MLP aka Pappy_Hour! The 2016 VIP of the Year followed up his top showing with another strong year. Definitely enough to win our top spot again had it not been for two elite performances from our runner-up and winner. MLP continued his trend of strong Photoshop work, excellent product placement, fantastic visuals and unique experiences. A true brand ambassador, MLP camped out at a retailer on launch day, put together fun and unique videos and connected with other VIPs for content creation. Of all the posts that MLP put out, this one may have been our favorite. Congrats Marc-Louis! You’ll be receiving two stock Alpha QX Sticks, a pair of stock QX Gloves, a Protective Item of your choosing and a special pair of custom VIP, New Balance shoes.

2nd Place: Rich Ricciardi aka Dangler83! An incredibly strong effort from day one for our second place finisher. Rich set the Photoshop bar with daily posts, sometimes multiple posts, promoting the QX stick, Warrior, Warrior Pros and so on. A dedicated VIP and Warrior glove aficionado, Rich also managed to work in his private collection of gloves into some of his posts along with timely elements of pop culture (DT is a sucker for pop culture references). From reviews of the QX on retailer sites to making full on movie trailers for the QX stick, we commend Rich for his efforts on his VIP performance. A performance worthy of first place in any other year. Congrats Rich! You’ll be receiving two custom QX Sticks, a pair of custom QX Gloves, a Covert PX Helmet and a pair of custom VIP, New Balance shoes.

1st Place, VIP of the Year: Jason Chen aka JayChen201! What can we say about Jay’s efforts except EPIC! Jay had a mission this year from the beginning, he wanted the VIP of the Year title. Jay’s VIP membership started during last NHL season when his Instagram post was featured on an NBC hockey broadcast. We reached out to Jay shortly after that broadcast and the rest is history. During the program he stuck to posts that featured the stick, featured the stick in action and his teammates in their Warrior gear (#WarriorBros). In addition to his QX posts, he also featured his sizable collection of Warrior heritage sticks that he is still trying to complete. In addition to his social posts, Jayson posted himself outside a retailer on launch day and also drove up from New Jersey to be at the Alpha QX Launch Event in Boston and participate in our on-ice demo. And if that wasn’t enough…he organized a collaboration of VIPs and dropped this video on us to seal the deal. We were so impressed by Jay’s commitment and by this video that KP and DT featured it in their marketing presentation at the annual meeting of Warrior Hockey global. Needless to say, everyone was very impressed with the level of dedication not only from Jay but all our 2017 Warrior VIPs. Congratulations Jason, job well done! You’ll be receiving three custom QX sticks, a pair of Custom QX Gloves, a Protective Item of your choice, a Johnny Gaudreau pro stock stick and a pair of custom VIP, New Balance shoes.

Congratulations again to all of our prize winners and to all of our 2017 Warrior VIPs! You are what makes this program work. The fun the you have with the program and the product is what makes this program truly unique!

On behalf of Keith and myself – our sincere thanks for another great year of the Warrior VIP Program!

DT – Warrior Associate Brand Manager