VIP Tease Blog

Alright VIPs, most of you have received your stick and had a chance to get to know your new Alpha QX a little bit and we love what we’re seeing and hearing already. We’ve seen your posts, your reactions to unboxing it and your first impressions of Alpha. Great job spreading the word and introducing your followers and ours to the QX. Thank you!

We posted our second blog recently, Alpha QX Stick Tech, that focuses on the new features and technology of the Alpha QX. Give it a read for some great info on your new favorite stick.

As I mentioned above, we’ve seen your posts, so let’s find out who the first prize winners are. The winners will be receiving the prize pack pictured below.

Alpha QX “Strike With Speed” t-shirt, Alpha lanyard, Alpha hat and custom Warrior JBL Clip2 bluetooth speaker.
The winners:

Scott, the very first VIP to post about his QX.

Chris for his Twitter and YouTube videos:

Wes for this brain melter. People staring at the screen waiting for something else to happen…

Rich for the creepshow.

Jake for his volume of gloves and creativeness.

Boller for excellent flow.

We could have picked a lot more, but this is just the first round of prizes. The mix of both quality and volume of posts to kick off this year’s VIP Program has been fantastic! Keep up the great work.

With that in mind, our next posting contest, like our newest blog, focuses on the features of the Alpha QX.

  1. Make a post about your favorite feature of the QX. Weight? Balance? Shaft Shape? Taper? Whatever you like most about the stick.
  2. In the post, describe why you like it and how it benefits you specifically.
  3. Make sure to tag us in your post(s) and use the tags #AlphaQX and #WarriorVIP.

As always, have fun! We’ll have more winners in our next post.

-DT – Warrior Marketing