VIP Tease Blog

Whew! We did it VIPs! The Alpha QX sticks are now in stores and in the hands of the public. You helped us get to launch day and beyond and we can’t thank you enough for all your help! The Alpha has been one of the most highly anticipated and talked about Warrior products ever and a lot of that buzz is due to your continued efforts in this program. You all owe yourselves a hefty pat on the back.

But we’re not done. Not yet.

If you hadn’t noticed, but I bet you have, our Alpha QX campaign video launched this past week starring Warrior PRO, Johnny Gaudreau of the Calgary Flames. The concept of the video is that the QX is so quick releasing and accurate that it allows you to literally strike from anywhere on the ice. Check it out:


Feel free to share it around or to share any of our blog content that specifically speaks to the attributes of the Alpha QX stick.

You also probably noticed our collab with the On the Bench boys. That was the little secret we teased in our last email but couldn’t tell you about. We had to get Jacob, Olly and Johnny together and we’re really pleased with how it turned out.


Oh, and we’re not done with OTB just yet…

So, now that we’re past launch and quickly barreling towards Fall and Back to Hockey, we wanted to recognize some of our most active and highest content producing VIPs. Keep in mind, this isn’t the Grand Prize and runner(s) up announcement, that will come at a later date.

So, in no particular order, we’d like to recognize the following VIPs:

Amanda S. – A new VIP this year, Amanda has produced great content with a solid mix of creativity and humor. Find her on Twitter  @amandacotti and Instagram @itsmandybeth.

Chris R. – Chris brought quality posts everyday from the beginning and we especially enjoyed his unofficial countdown to launch. Find him on Twitter @eyesnskis and Instagram @eyesnskis.

Tim H. – From day one, Tim was an all-star. Just scroll his Twitter timeline and you’ll see why. Everything from hard core info to light hearted humor. It all works. Follow him on Twitter @thollenback15 and Instagram @thollenback15.

Richard F. – Dedication. Desire. Everything you’d want in a brand advocate/VIP. Follow him on Twitter @richfaulknerrr and Instagram @richfaulknerrr.

Katie S. – A second year in the VIP Program for Katie and she avoided the sophomore slump. Not a volume poster like some, but when she posts, she posts quality. Find her on Twitter @heyziffer and Instagram @heyziffer.

David K. – The hardest working man in the VIP Program. Every tweet. Every post. Every podcast. The man is on top of everything Warrior Hockey. Always willing to go the extra mile for us. Follow him in Twitter @dnk900 and Instagram @irishmonkey1.

Hannah S. – Hannah is also a second year VIP and continued showed no signs of slowing down in year two. Plus, she always seems to be by a pool or under a palm tree and that makes us jealous. Follow her on Twitter @hannahtfp and Instagram @hannahspraker.

Briana M. – Our only Instagram exclusive VIP to make the list. Briana is relentless in her pursuit of improvement and you can usually find her on the synthetic ice in her posts. She always manages to get in a view of her VIP stick. BTW, another first year VIP. Follow her on Instagram @adopt_a_tree_please.

Congrats to all of you listed above. You’ll all be receiving a prize pack from Warrior containing some (not all) of the items pictured below.


We’d also like to recognize Warrior VIP, Scott A. He doesn’t post much, but Scott brought his entire family to our Alpha launch party in Boston and was able to help out with our on-ice portion of the event. Plus, he was able to get a picture and autograph from Warrior PRO, David Backes. Scott has been sent a special prize pack in recognition of his participation.

The same goes for VIP, Jay C. He and his wife drove up to the event in Boston and he helped out on the ice with the junior players testing out the QX. (And for some reason he wanted a picture with DT). He has also been sent a special prize pack for his participation.

In addition to the VIPs listed above, there are some other that have stood out this year for their level of participation and brand advocacy. We want you to know that your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed and you shouldn’t be surprised if over the next few weeks, a package from Warrior Hockey drops in your mailbox. Those VIPs would be:

  • Dylan D.
  • Roy E. 
  • Cody B. 
  • Tom C. 
  • Wolf O. 
  • Chris O. 
  • Ian B.
  • Sean E.

OK, so, if you’ve been following the VIP posts on social, you’ll notice that there are some names missing from the lists above. You know who you are. That’s because you’re in the running for the VIP of the Year Grand Prize. As we mentioned earlier, that announcement will come at a later date but the title is still up for grabs.

With that in mind and even for those of you recognized above or not recognized yet, the VIP Program is not over. Keep posting. With your continued posting will come continued prizing. We have a lot of prizes up for grabs and we want to give them away.

In addition to any social posts you want to put up, if you would like to write a long-form review of the QX stick and/or your participation in the VIP Program, we’d love to read it and possibly post it on the blog. If you choose to do that and we publish it, we’ll send a special delivery your way too.

So there you have it. No special instructions on what to post or features to highlight. Just remember to use #AlphaQX #StrikeWithSpeed and tag us in your posts. We’ll be watching and making notes for next year’s VIP Program.

We’ll talk again soon. Be on the lookout for a VIP survey in the coming weeks and of course, the big VIP of the Year announcement in September.

-DT – Warrior Marketing