Tradition Elevated – Ritual GT

by the Warrior Goalie Team

When we designed the Ritual G3 line of pads, trapper and blocker, we set out to create products that would elevate every goalie’s game through performance driven innovation. The G3 set a new standard for goalie equipment performance; maximizing coverage, stability and mobility all while being the lightest gear on the market. With that said, there are still some aspects of modern goalie gear that do not suit every goalie out there. There are elements of past designs that are still relevant to goalies today and these features are important for some in how they move about their crease. As we designed the new Ritual GT line, these are some of the questions we asked ourselves:


Can you maximize down low coverage and butterfly seal with a tapered boot and conventional toe ties?




Can you experience the familiar comfort of pad torsion and boot flex while benefiting from the structured stability of modern core construction?




Can you have a flexible, torsional pad that still offers the firm landing surface required for super fast slides?




Can you have all the comfort and mobility of traditional design elements in an ultra lightweight design?



The new Ritual GT line of gear merges tried and true design elements with the best in class performance of Ritual innovation.

Experience the comfort of tradition, with elevated performance. #traditionELEVATED


12 thoughts on “Tradition Elevated – Ritual GT

  1. omgosh when will we get to hear more about this line? I am beyond excited I hope you make some YouTube videos on them.

  2. This excites me…..I’ve been talking to custom company’s trying to get a tapered toe and the flex similar to my old Koho Revolutions; this looks intriguing.

  3. Hi

    I find the new catcher very good. I have a G3 custom set and just need the new Ritual GT Catcher. With the G3 catcher I feel the shots and prepare me pain. I hope the new Ritual GT Catcher is better protected and upholstered. Is it possible to make a Waffleboard on the new Ritual GT Catcher Classic? Pleas let me know!

    Your Warrior Golie and customer

    Andre Pfister

    1. The materials of the GT trapper are similar to the G3. There are some differences that will be discussed in later posts. There will not be a waffle board option for custom ordering.

  4. These pads look pretty cool! Will they have more flexibility at the boot and below the knee for the hybrid style of pad?

  5. Will the GT pads have the active response straps for the toe and ankle or are you returning to the toe lace or will there be a choice?

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