Warrior Covert PX Helmet – NHL Usage

by KP, Warrior Hockey Marketing

Warrior helmets are more visible in the NHL than ever before.  At the end of the 2015-16 season, 28 NHL pro players were wearing a Warrior helmet.  At the time of writing this blog post (Feb. 2017), Warrior has 70 players in helmets.

That’s a 150% increase in NHL helmets in one off-season.

You may ask yourself how such a huge jump happened over one summer?  The answer is pretty complicated.


I asked the question to our pro services manager – his quick text response:  MONEY.

He’s referencing contracts we have with players to wear all Warrior gear (head to toe, or as we call it, head to ankle – and for the 1000th time, we’re not making skates).  These contracts are written and signed by players to support/endorse Warrior products, including helmets.  But there is usually a clause that says they shouldn’t use anything they’re not comfortable with.

This is why our pro services manager was joking when he mentioned money.  Because as he and I both know, the players won’t wear or use anything if they don’t feel good with it (cough* Erik Karlsson).  So he followed up his text with a call.

More guys switched in the summah  because our helmet was bettah.  (he’s from Boston)

Our helmets ARE bettah.  In Fall 2016, we released the Covert PX+ and Covert PX2 helmets.  During the summer of 2016, NHL players were being sampled with both helmets and trying them on for themselves.  The improvements in fit, function and comfort really led to us getting so many players to switch.  We even got many players that are not on contract to switch helmets too.

What it ultimately came down to was if a player put it on their head and had instant comfort and easy adjustment, they were sold.  It’s the same thing any hockey player experiences in a hockey shop trying on helmets.  Have your Warrior dealer help you try on multiple helmets and go with the helmet that best fits you and is most comfortable – we’re hoping you’ll choose Warrior like those 70 pros.

Here’s a quick list of players in Warrior Helmets around the league.  Click to enlarge.



As mentioned, I’m hoping we switch more players this way.  It’s the easiest way to convince someone to buy your helmet – their comfort and confidence in protection.  The process is true at both the NHL and at your local Warrior Hockey dealer.  So give the PX+ and PX2 a try next time you’re getting your skates sharpened and killing time in the store.


Here’s some tech info to better explain the difference between the PX+ and PX2 Helmets.


Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 11.04.56 AM.png

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