2017 Alpha QX Glove – Goals

by KP, Warrior Hockey Marketing, @warriorstickguy


In April 2017, we will launch the all-new Alpha QX line of hockey gloves.  This line will replace our Dynasty AX line and continue our trend to modernize the traditional “4-roll” type of fit and feel.

The Dynasty AX line was a slight step away from the glove that really put Warrior “on the map”, the Franchise 4-roll.  This original glove made for a very boxy and voluminous fit and feel.  With the Alpha line, we take a bigger leap away from those old notions that a glove needs tremendous volume or be sloppy to be comfortable right off the wall.

I sat down with our lead glove designer, J.S. Dorval, to get the story behind the development goals of the new Alpha line.

First Goal – and most important, was “Butter Soft Feel”.


We try not to take ourselves too seriously at Warrior and have fun with projects.  Butter Soft Feel was our way of describing that feeling you get when you wear a “broken-in” glove and it feels like it’s part of you.  The glove doesn’t pinch, it moves with you and it’s at the height of comfort.  The goal is, make THAT the first feeling you get when you try on the gloves in the store.

Buying decisions are made within a split-second of feeling a glove the first time.

In most cases, players stand in front of a wall of gloves, from multiple manufacturers, and try on multiple models before making their decision.  We want you to try on a Warrior and not need to try any other brand.

Butter Soft Feel might be a funny way to describe this, but there are technical factors that lead to this amazing feeling glove.


Hybrid Flex Cuff


Learning from the success of the AxyFlex cuff in the Covert series in 2016, both at retail and NHL Pro levels, the development team wanted to find a way to incorporate the fluid – extended free movement of a floating cuff without sacrificing any protection or traditional glove feel.


Hybrid Taper Fit


Improve the fit or, notion of fit, for a traditional 4-roll glove user.

This is NOT a 4-roll glove.  

It’s a glove fit that is on it’s own.  The form follows the natural shape of the human hand.    All-new, ground-up designed patterns for the back-hand, fingers and palm all lead to a glove that feels unique.

This is not the old boxy fit and feel of the Dynasty, or Franchise long before it.  With the addition of our Axis Flex Thumb, this glove works more “with” your hand than just a large, clunky protective shell around it.

The patterns for the palm and back hand made improvements on how the gloves works when you close and open your hand and how all the protection zones interact around it.

You could call it a tailored traditional fit.


Best in class materials

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 4.11.38 PM.png

No matter if you purchase the top end (Alpha QX) or opening price (Alpha QX5 – yes there are 5 models!), you’ll find the very best materials for the money at each level and in between.

We know that value and perception of quality is very important when choosing what glove you buy.   The team worked with our suppliers to design a whole new Tufftek material that is lighter and more durable but also looks richer for the life of the glove.  Our palm materials are the very best from proven suppliers for wear strength and supple feel.

Materials really make a difference in the feel and function of the glove – it’s an important part of Butter Soft Feel and perceived value that will make you buy Alpha over any other glove.

Stay tuned to our blog for more information on our QX glove line and how you could be one of a select few to test the gloves out before they launch 😉

Also, for more insider information on the Alpha QX gloves leading up to launch, follow along the active discussion with our launch partner Mod Squad Hockey.  A site dedicated to hockey equipment discussion and information.  Click link below:




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