Ritual CR Goal Sticks

by the Warrior Goalie Team


On April 14th we’ll be launching the all new R/CR composite goal stick line. In this blog we’ll give you the details you need to know and how they’ll help #ElevateYOURgame.

When we started developing the R/CR line we focused on three key purposes goalies use their sticks for. Once we established these three purposes, we developed the stick to enhance a goaltender’s ability and overall feel in these areas.

1: Making a save

A common shortfall with composite goal sticks is the harshness of vibrations from puck impacts to a goalie’s blocker hand. To reduce the stinging from shooting into your hand, we inserted VIBEX into every model of the R/CR line. Originally created for dampening of motorcycle handlebars, VIBEX is a gel that reduces the vibration of puck impacts while the energy from a puck hitting the stick transfers throughout and to your hand.

2: Pokechecking & Passing

The grip, finish and textures of the shoulder and shaft areas are crucial to executing a timely pokecheck and getting a quick breakout pass to your teammates to exit the defensive zone. There are several other sticks on the market with poorly placed grip areas that prevent your blocker from quickly and smoothly transitioning to the top of your stick to make a quick play. Even worse is when you’ve completed a passing or pokecheck play and as you retreat to your ready stance your blocker palm skids along the tacky grip on a shaft. With all this being said, we developed SlideGrip (CR1 & CR2) that has the perfect amount of grip on the shoulder of the paddle for holding the stick firmly to control pucks to the corners. The second aspect of SlideGrip is raised rails with a matte finish going along the shaft to reduce friction and further enhance your blocker transitions whether it is to make a pass, pokecheck or retreating after one of the two plays.

Slide Grip Tech Illustration

3: Playability

The new R/CR sticks offer a soft shaft flex rating to optimize power exerted by your trapper hand when making a hard pass or shooting. As you lean into a shot, your trapper hand heavily influences the power of your shot. Having a soft shaft flex boosts hard passes and quick shots off the glass with increased power and height. The lower portion of the paddle is slightly stiffer to give better stability and accuracy when firing the puck. Lastly, your blade pattern is a pivotal component to effective puck playability. The new R/CR line offers our MID (Quick), TWT (Bishop) and WDG (Mrazek) patterns in all three models.

Goalie_Blade_Patterns copy


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    1. CR1 is the lightest with our Minimus Carbon 1000 weave. CR2 carries the Minimus Carbon 800 and is slightly heavier than the CR1. CR3 carries the Minimus Carbon 800, is slightly heavier than the CR2 and the CR3 does not carry the SlideGrip technology.

  1. I have been trying to find an intermediate composite full right goalie stick for my son. I cannot find one anywhere, please help

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