Alpha QX Stick Tech

by DT – Warrior Marketing

In our last post we formally introduced you to the new Alpha QX stick (check it out here). We wanted to unveil our newest line of sticks in an easy to digest manner and get the word out that Alpha is an entirely new technology group for Warrior. With this post, we’re going to go down the rabbit hole a little more and explore the new feature and attributes of the Alpha QX.

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The Alpha QX Stick – What is Alpha?

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by DT – Warrior Hockey Marketing

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that the Alpha QX line is completely new for Warrior. If you haven’t noticed, then…SURPRISE!

Let me clear up something a lot of you are thinking and some of you have asked; Alpha is not related to any current stick line we offer. Alpha is not a new Covert stick. Alpha is not the next in line of Dynasty sticks. Dynasty has been retired (so if it was your favorite, go buy them up now!). The Alpha QX technology is not related to anything we’ve offered before. It is the first generation of a new stick line – a whole new stick, technology and performance.

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Ritual G3 and Ritual GT Sizing Guide

by the Warrior Goalie Team

Leg pad sizing can be confusing. Adding to this confusion is the fact that each company has their own way of achieving a range of sizes. In this blog, we will explain how our sizing works and the differences between each size so you have a complete understanding when purchasing your next set of Ritual G3 or R/GT leg pads.

Many goalies prefer the advantages and convenience of going with stock gear as opposed to custom. With this in mind, we have created a leg pad sizing system that allows for a great fit in stock sizes. In truth, our stock sizing offers more variables than some competitor’s custom offering. Here is an explanation of how our sizing system works.

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Alpha QX Gloves – Independent Review

Submitted by Vincent Plana


5 Reasons why the Warrior QX Alpha Changes the Glove Game:

Warrior is synonymous with their feather-light sticks and iconic gloves. With a huge representation in the NHL, they constantly provide dynamic products at both the pro and retail level. The start of 2017 is no exception, as Warrior releases their QX Alpha glove. It’s a fresh, ground-breaking take on the traditional 4-Roll, and here are some reasons why it’s set to make a splash!

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