Alpha QX Gloves – Independent Review

Submitted by Vincent Plana


5 Reasons why the Warrior QX Alpha Changes the Glove Game:

Warrior is synonymous with their feather-light sticks and iconic gloves. With a huge representation in the NHL, they constantly provide dynamic products at both the pro and retail level. The start of 2017 is no exception, as Warrior releases their QX Alpha glove. It’s a fresh, ground-breaking take on the traditional 4-Roll, and here are some reasons why it’s set to make a splash!

Warrior’s all new Hybrid Taper Fit

UntitledThe QX Alpha surpasses expectations by introducing a unique and innovative fit for 4-roll gloves. The Alpha line features a contoured fit that removes negative space in the glove. The padding and fingers move with you – maintaining movement and freedom of the hand without sacrificing protection. The bottom line? Mobility and comfort in an unexpected – but very welcome – way.

Warrior’s Tried and True “Phantom Foam”

Warrior has been using “Phantom Foam” in many of their high end offerings. It’s been a key benefit in their gloves that has only been improved in the QRL and Alpha QX Glove – why change what isn’t broken? It’s a mix of multi-density foam that’s been laminated, as well as plastic inserts. What does that equate to? Upon impact, you want energy to be dispersed as much and as many times as possible. The foams are protective enough to handle any level of hockey, while still being ridiculously lightweight.

Improved Dexterity and Mobility in the Fingers:

Creating a glove that could move with a player’s hand was the name of the game in the Alpha QX. Full movement in the fingers is unparalleled compared to other gloves. The back rolls of the glove have been angled, so you can physically see the padding move with you as your hand closes. A triple-segmented (three piece) index and middle finger only add to the freedom your fingers have while wearing these gloves.

Enhanced touch and stick feel.

Untitled2The Alpha glove really allows for maximum grip and feel of the stick. The finger channels are tapered, and narrow out at the fingertips, giving a player added feel to their stick. Tapered gussets are a really popular feature used at the professional and custom level, and a standout benefit of the Alpha line.

Butter Soft Feel and Game-Ready Gloves.


You won’t believe it’s not butter. But the palm is still ridiculously soft. The Alpha QX features a digital palm with a black Clarino overlay. The digital palm on the fingers give that soft, broken-in feeling; the overlay makes sure the glove is durable and can handle the heartiest of use. Combined with the mobility the fingers already have, the QX excels in providing a supple, ready-to-use fit.

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