Ritual G3 and Ritual GT Sizing Guide

by the Warrior Goalie Team

Leg pad sizing can be confusing. Adding to this confusion is the fact that each company has their own way of achieving a range of sizes. In this blog, we will explain how our sizing works and the differences between each size so you have a complete understanding when purchasing your next set of Ritual G3 or R/GT leg pads.

Many goalies prefer the advantages and convenience of going with stock gear as opposed to custom. With this in mind, we have created a leg pad sizing system that allows for a great fit in stock sizes. In truth, our stock sizing offers more variables than some competitor’s custom offering. Here is an explanation of how our sizing system works.

The size of a senior leg pad changes in two main areas by half-inch increments:

  1. Shin Section
  2. Thigh Section

By adjusting our sizing in half-inch increments, instead of full inch increments (some competitors only offer full inch increments; even on custom), goaltenders have more variety in choosing their size and ensuring a proper fit at the knee landing. As an example, a 35+1.5” sized leg pad is taller than a 34+1.5” leg pad by a half-inch in the shin section and a half-inch in the thigh rise section. The end result is the 35+1.5” sized leg pad is one inch taller in the overall pad height. By offering shin sections that vary in only half-inch increments, a goalie can really dial in a perfect fit in the knee landing. This is crucial for performance.


It is important to note that there is custom sizing available to goalies as well. In most cases, this is simply for fine-tuning the thigh section measurement since all of our shin lengths are present in our stock offering (exceptions being 37” & 38” shin lengths). As an example, if a 34+1.5” fits a goalie perfectly in the knee but they require an extra half inch in the thigh section, they would order a 34+2”. A more complicated example would be if the total length of a 34+1.5” is perfect but the knee landing area is too low and needs to be raised by a half inch, the goalie would want to custom order a 35+.5”. This ultimately means the shin section gets longer by a half inch and the thigh section shortens by a half inch, leaving the total length of the pad the same but raising the knee landing.


We approach sizing carefully at Warrior because we know it directly relates to how well a goalie performs in their pads. We are the only brand in the goalie industry to offer a Fit Guarantee Promise on every set of custom leg pads built. We offer a wide variety of stock sizes, utilizing small size increments, providing you the best chance to dial in an exact fit, thus maximizing the performance of your Ritual pads. Elevate YOUR Game.


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  1. I’m 5’11” with an ankle to knee of 17″ and floor to knee of 20″. Would I be able to fit in a pair of Warrior Ritual G3 Senior Goalie Leg Pads 32 +1.5? I figure 33 +1.5 is technically what I would need, but the only size they have left on clearance are the 32’s and was wondering if they would work. Thx!

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