The Alpha QX Stick – What is Alpha?

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by DT – Warrior Hockey Marketing

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that the Alpha QX line is completely new for Warrior. If you haven’t noticed, then…SURPRISE!

Let me clear up something a lot of you are thinking and some of you have asked; Alpha is not related to any current stick line we offer. Alpha is not a new Covert stick. Alpha is not the next in line of Dynasty sticks. Dynasty has been retired (so if it was your favorite, go buy them up now!). The Alpha QX technology is not related to anything we’ve offered before. It is the first generation of a new stick line – a whole new stick, technology and performance.

So, what is Alpha? Well, according to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, Alpha is:

  • socially dominant especially in a group of animals.
  • the first version of a product that is being developed and tested.

That’s cool, but what does it mean when it comes to hockey sticks?


The new Alpha package is the first of it’s kind for Warrior. It’s a technology package that has been tested and proven in the NHL by our Warrior PROs and we know it will make you a dominant force on the ice.

I still remember sitting in the meeting when we got some of the first feedback from our NHL players after their initial Alpha QX testing. The one that sticks out the most to this day was from a current NHL Player and multiple time 35+ goal scorer after using it for the first time in early 2016.  He said “Whoa, this is a game changer for you guys!” 

That is pretty high praise from a guy that knows what he likes in his sticks and has been very successful using his old construction. It doesn’t get much more positive than that.

Whoa, this is a game changer for you guys!” – Active NHL Player and multiple time 35+ goal scorer

The Alpha QX introduces a new flex point for a Warrior stick in a new Quick Strike technology.

The low-kick point of the Alpha QX flexes from your bottom hand all the way through the lower shaft and hosel. That flex profile combined with our new Sabre Taper allows the stick to maintain torsional stiffness during shooting (loading, release and recoil) which creates a quick release with a more stable blade for improved shot accuracy.

Yes, you read that correctly, the Alpha QX is a low-kick stick.

You may be thinking, “Um, isn’t the QRL a low-kick stick?” Indeed it is but the QRL is an ultra low-kick stick meaning the kick point is down at the extreme bottom of the shaft. The Alpha QX kick point is moved up the shaft to create a mid-low flex arc and is the perfect complement to the Covert QRL line of sticks.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 11.47.02 AM
The Alpha QX’s mid-low flex profile

Along with the new flex profile introduced on the Alpha QX, the line will also introduce our new Sabre Taper design (mentioned above), our newest True 1 Phantom Feel Construction and a new Ergo (dog bone) shaft shape.

All of the new features will be explained in detail as we get closer to launch, but we wanted to introduce you to the Alpha QX line and get you prepped for launch and pre-orders (which start this week)!

Florida Panthers v Calgary Flames

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  2. I can’t seem to find sick measurements anywhere. My son need a 52″ stick, would that be junior or intermediate or what?

  3. What is the difference between the QX grip and the QX pro grip . I see a 100 dollar differance in the intermediate sticks . Thanks

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