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by DT – Warrior Marketing

In our last post we formally introduced you to the new Alpha QX stick (check it out here). We wanted to unveil our newest line of sticks in an easy to digest manner and get the word out that Alpha is an entirely new technology group for Warrior. With this post, we’re going to go down the rabbit hole a little more and explore the new feature and attributes of the Alpha QX.

Let’s take the red pill, shall we…

Quick Strike! Yeah, but what does that mean?
Effortless loading that engages our most responsive blade yet, delivering both speed and accuracy. The kick point extends from your bottom hand through the lower shaft and hosel. The low flex profile, combined with our new Sabre Taper, gives the stick it’s torsional stiffness during loading and release to improve shot accuracy. 

Quick Strike is the sum of all parts for the Alpha QX sticks. It’s the end result of the total package in these sticks. The low kick point gives the QX it’s quick load-up and controlled release. Torsional stiffness? That means the bottom of the stick remains more stable through the shot (especially heavy snap shots and slap shots) and won’t fly open and cause off target shots. And the responsive blade means the puck fires towards your target upon release!

Sabre Taper.
The patented taper design creates a torsionally stiff mid-low flex arc, resulting in a more stable blade. The reengineered shaft and hosel design helps to engage flex easily and releases quickly with precision accuracy. 

There’s that “torsionally stiff” phrase again. As we said above, that means the stick doesn’t open up as you’re releasing your shots. Well, Sabre Taper is the reason for that. You’ll notice that Sabre Taper is a different shape than our Dagger Taper technology on the Covert sticks. It’s a little wider and not as aggressive of a taper down through the hosel as Dagger Taper…that’s by design. By keeping the Sabre Taper a bit beefier, and gradually tapering the shaft from mid-shaft to blade, it allows the Alpha QX to flex easily and release quickly.  Sabre Taper also maintains stability through the blade for more on-target shots.

True 1 Phantom Feel. Phantom what?
Our lightest and strongest True1 piece stick ever. Improves balance, feel and puck control. Constructed with an all new True1 process, the stick is lighter in the bottom half which allows for better puck feel and control. 

A lot of people that have already had the chance to pick up and use the Alpha QX (mainly our Warrior VIPs) have commented about how light the QX feels. I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s about the same weight as the Covert QRL! Yes, the QRL and Alpha are very light sticks (roughly 410 grams, Senior, W88, 85 flex). The reason the Alpha QX may feel a bit lighter is due to the improved balance. The QX is constructed with our all new True1 Phantom Feel process that makes the stick lighter in the bottom half without compromising durability.   In fact, we improved impact strength to the lower half of the stick and blade.

IMG_5638 2

Minimus Carbon.
A high-strength, flat carbon-weave that enhances the stick’s technology features and increases durability against shaft and blade impacts. 

Introduced on the Covert QRL line last year, Minimus Carbon is a stronger, stiffer and lighter weave of carbon fiber. The flatter weave improves strength and stiffness without adding unnecessary weight.

Ergo Shaft Shape.
Dogbone shaped shaft enhances touch and feel for better deking, dragging and shooting. The shaft sits comfortably and naturally in your hands allowing for a more secure grip. 

The new shaft shape of the Alpha QX follows the natural shape of your closed hand(s). We refer to it as a “dogbone” shape as it resembles Fido’s favorite snacks, slightly bowed in on the sides and slightly bulged out along the top and bottom. A simple change that provides better comfort and a secure grip.

Protex Performance Grip.
Textured corners coupled with a tacky soft grip finish that helps lock the stick into your hands for optimum control and stability while shooting. 

When you pick up the Alpha QX you’ll notice that the four corners of the shaft aren’t smooth. The corners are textured just enough to let you know that you’re holding a hockey stick. The texture offers an added layer of grip during play and enhances that stick feel we all love. Our soft grip finish is tacky enough to keep the stick in your gloves without feeling like you’ve bathed your stick in glue.

The finished product. Alpha QX.


So there you have it! All the features of the new Alpha QX stick and what they’ll mean to you when you put the stick in your hands!

Edmonton Oilers v New Jersey Devils
Warrior PRO – Leon Draisaitl, Edmonton Oilers.



3 thoughts on “Alpha QX Stick Tech

  1. My 16 y/o son has been using Bauer Senior 1S Grip P92 pattern 6 lie sticks for the past few years. He would like to switch to the Warrior Qx Grip W03 but I can’t find, anywhere, what the lie of this stick is. Could you help me with that?

    1. The lie of the W03 is 5. Which corresponds to a 6 in other brands. Ours are measured differently:
      Warrior 3 = Other brands 4
      Warrior 4 = Other brands 5
      Warrior 5 = Other brands 6
      If you look at our Curve Chart, the last digit of the Warrior Code is the lie for each pattern.

      1. Thanks. I appreciate the quick response. We will definitely pick one up.

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