Warrior Swagger SE Goal Sticks

by The Warrior Goalie Team

The Swagger SE is now available in stores. Unique colorways feature black, grey or white based options to match your current set of gear. Whether you are in a dark based custom set or a stock all white set, the Swagger SE line gives you new options to add style to your set up.


Built on the Swagger PRO construction, the Swagger SE offers optimal puck feel, balanced weight, and consistent durability. The paddle is a urethane RIM core, offering stiff flex when passing and superb durability against high impact shots. The blade and paddle utilize strategically placed ABS plastic inserts for optimal durability without negatively affecting the weight and balance of the stick. The handle is a combination of Birch/Aspen with Fiberglass laminate on both the front and back face which keeps the top of the stick lightweight while providing extreme durability from impact. This stick is made exclusively in our Finland factory. Check out the list of dealers below who have Swagger SE sticks available in their stores.

USA Dealers

Canada Dealers

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2018: Erik Karlsson in QR Edge

by KP – Warrior Hockey Marketing

As was reported last week, Erik Karlsson put the new 2018 Covert QR Edge in play January 5th.

Chicago Blackhawks v Ottawa Senators
Erik Karlsson and his Warrior Covert QR Edge January 9 2018 – Getty Images (Andre Ringuette/NHLI)


I reached out to Erik Karlsson’s Warrior pro rep, Chris Paul, for some background on the switch and what Erik thought about the new Covert QR Edge graphics.

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Warrior Ritual G4 – Elevate Your Game

by the Warrior Goalie Team

Happy New Year from the Warrior Goalie team! The same drive, dedication and preparation it takes to be your best out on the ice is what we put into designing and testing our innovative, best in class goalie products. Please click PLAY below to watch our new video and see the lengths we have gone to in bringing our new Ritual G4 gear to life.

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