2018: Erik Karlsson in QR Edge

by KP – Warrior Hockey Marketing

As was reported last week, Erik Karlsson put the new 2018 Covert QR Edge in play January 5th.

Chicago Blackhawks v Ottawa Senators
Erik Karlsson and his Warrior Covert QR Edge January 9 2018 – Getty Images (Andre Ringuette/NHLI)


I reached out to Erik Karlsson’s Warrior pro rep, Chris Paul, for some background on the switch and what Erik thought about the new Covert QR Edge graphics.

As many hockey equipment aficionados know, not many pro NHL players switch stick graphics mid-season.  Many find it difficult to use the new stick or even have some superstition when in a particular spec/graphic.

Here’s what Chris said when I asked him what Erik’s first reaction was to the new stick when Chris presented it to him.

Erik didn’t mind the switch.  In fact, it was a no-brainer for him since he liked the new graphic.  He said he liked how dark it was and how different the color pops were on it.  Unique even.

I asked Chris if players notice new sticks or what other players are using.

The younger players are all over it.  They keep track of what guys are using and when there’s a new stick sample in my bag, they love looking at what’s new.  Some players don’t want a mid-season change, but we’re seeing more and more players look for “what’s new”.

Chris said that other players noticed Erik’s switch and he’s had some players text him about it.  He’s in the process of working with a few more players who want to get in on Covert QR Edge…word is spreading fast.

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