Warrior Ritual G4 – Get Square Fast

by the Warrior Goalie Team

Your game is the culmination of your skill, drive and focus. You can only get out of it what you are willing to put in with hard work. We are goalies too, so we get it. We feel the exact same way about the gear we create. We are determined to continually bring goalie equipment to the next level of performance so that, combined with your hard work and passion, you can take your game to the next level.

One common factor for all goalies is the need to get square to the puck as fast as possible. This requires speed and agility on your part but it also requires gear that is light weight, designed for mobility and offers features that help maximize coverage and seal off holes. Being square to the puck gives you the best chance at making an efficient save. With this in mind, we put our hard work and passion into consistently bringing you the highest performing goalie equipment on the market to help Elevate YOUR Game.

R/G4 Chest & Arm:


We all know the feeling of getting square fast to a shot and still having it squeak between your arm and body or getting a piece of it off the outer edge of your arm and it still ends up in the back of the net. This is what we mean when we talk about features that help maximize coverage. The arms on the Ritual G4 offer more solid and squared off edges that help prevent these pucks from getting through. A better seal to the body as well as stronger deflection characteristics help keep more pucks out of the back of your net. Not to mention, the G4 also offers the absolute best in protection and mobility thanks to our patented ShockShield and AxyFlex technology.



For many, the trapper is the most important and personal piece of gear they own. It is called upon to do so many different things and then has to feel “just right” on top of that. One area of the trapper that is sometimes overlooked is its ability to get completely square to the puck while still being stable and comfortable. The unique closure system on the Ritual G4 allows just that. A trapper that is square to the puck will help you to maximize your coverage. Every other box on the G4 trapper gets checked as well; super lightweight, great protection, opens up wide and closes easily, tight seal to the ice and easy puck handling capabilities.



The Ritual G4 blocker continues on with its impressive, industry leading adjustability. This allows the goalie to adjust the board position and make wrist mobility adjustments that lead to maximized coverage. Each goalie wants to maximize their blocker coverage in different areas and an adjustable board makes this easy to dial in. The stiff and protective side board and finger protection allow the entire blocker to be a part of your coverage.

Leg Pads:

A big part of getting square fast comes down to speed and the ability to slide quickly on your pads. The Ritual G4 takes a new approach to sliding. This pad has been designed to increase slide efficiency when ice conditions are at their worst. By utilizing new, and unique to Warrior, testing methods for sliding, we have developed an inner gusset surface that will help keep your movements crisp right down to the final buzzer. In addition, improvements to the inner core and the knee landing area add stability giving further strength to your maximized coverage.



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