Warrior Ritual G4 – Tech Overview

by the Warrior Goalie Team


We have heard the question asked many times; how will the Ritual G4 possibly improve upon the exceptional performance of the Ritual G3? That’s a great question. How do you improve upon a line of goalie equipment that is already the lightest, most innovative and high performing gear available?

This is no simple task but with the decades of design and innovation expertise within the Warrior Goalie Team, along with our advanced testing capabilities, we knew we were up for the challenge to create a new state of the art with the Ritual G4.

We are on a constant quest to optimize every detail of our equipment, achieving this through new testing methods, material advancements and new product features. In addition to applying our own experiences as goalies, we also keep our eyes and ears wide open to the feedback coming in from goalies worldwide. Our unwavering laser focus remains on performance driven innovation that will Elevate YOUR Game.

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