Warrior Ritual G4 – Tech Overview

by the Warrior Goalie Team


We have heard the question asked many times; how will the Ritual G4 possibly improve upon the exceptional performance of the Ritual G3? That’s a great question. How do you improve upon a line of goalie equipment that is already the lightest, most innovative and high performing gear available?

This is no simple task but with the decades of design and innovation expertise within the Warrior Goalie Team, along with our advanced testing capabilities, we knew we were up for the challenge to create a new state of the art with the Ritual G4.

We are on a constant quest to optimize every detail of our equipment, achieving this through new testing methods, material advancements and new product features. In addition to applying our own experiences as goalies, we also keep our eyes and ears wide open to the feedback coming in from goalies worldwide. Our unwavering laser focus remains on performance driven innovation that will Elevate YOUR Game.

  • Ultra Lightweight: The R/G4 leg pads are even lighter than the R/G3 leg pads.
  • Super Fast Slide: New AIRslide technology delivers effortless sliding throughout the course of a game even as ice conditions deteriorate.
  • Post Integration: New RVH Optimized outer roll design decreases the standoff between the post and the boot/shin of your leg pad to eliminate pucks that squeak through on wrap around plays without sacrificing the puck stopping benefits of an outer roll.
  • Mobility: New 360⁰ ACTIVEdrop leg channel promotes rotation and control as you move through the crease while allowing the leg pad to fill the 5-hole area.
  • Advanced Butterfly Stability & Seal: Refined integration of the Knee Drive System and knee landing area creates consistently tight butterfly seal to the ice.
  • Stopping Power: New HyperComp material increases solidity of the thighrise.
  • Best in Class Adjustability: New strapping choices available in the knee area, SlingWrap calf wrap with multiple boot/toe attachment options.










  • Ultra Lightweight: Same weight as the R/GT trapper and blocker.
  • Protection: New HyperComp trapper cuff, thumb and finger area and blocker face and sidewall increases protection while maintaining snappy closure. Additional/adjustable index finger piece on Pro blocker.
  • Stopping Power: AXY-FLEX tee construction features stiff components for a strong and sturdy feel that doesn’t break down.
  • Stable/Versatile Straps: Three point adjustable wrist straps on the trapper and adjustable wrist strap positions on the blocker allow for a secure customizable fit without obstructing wrist mobility.
  • Maximized Wrist Mobility: Wide-open cuffs on trapper and blocker allow complete and unrestricted range of motion. Shortened backhand pad further enhances blocker wrist mobility.
  • Removable Trapper Liner: Comfortable, personalized fit and feel in 60, 75 or 90 degree liner. Easy to keep clean and dry.
  • Customizable Board Position: Removable blocker palms allow you to customize size (INT, MD, LG, XL) as well as optimize balance and coverage with High/Mid/Low board position settings.













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13 thoughts on “Warrior Ritual G4 – Tech Overview

  1. I can’t wait! My G3 are the best pads I have ever owned. I am excited to see these in person.

  2. I ordered a custom color Rg4 pro set on Aug 7 in pure hockey… I have not got any emails yet on production.. they said it would take 8-10 weeks.. any word on how much longer do I expect them to arrive.. ?? They said it was ordered and they have no control it’s all up to Warrior on how busy… please advise. Thanks. Mark V.

    1. The retailer can track the status of your order. Or you can contact our customer service team if you know your order number from Pure.

    1. Floor to knee measurement. Player Height. Length above knee cap. Those numbers will give you a good start for pad size.

  3. Hi, compared to other producers, would you say that your junior trapper is somewhat smaller in size? I am strugling to find a trapper that fits my 9 year old. Thanks for your feedback.

    1. It is slightly smaller to fit a junior sized hand but the pocket size remains normal junior size.

  4. Do the calf wraps come in different sizes, i like to wear the calf quite tight and the stock version is too loose?

  5. My son has grown out of his g3 28+1 juniors. The next size up is 30 +1 intermediates. I worried about the in crease in width going from 9” to 10.5”. Is there aw way to order something at 10” wide.

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