2018 Covert QR Edge Hockey Pant

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Covert QR Edge Pants

The Covert QR Edge pants are updated for 2018.  Drafting from the major improvements of the QRL pants in 2016, this new line maximizes our Covert Taper Fit, improving mobility, adding fit customization (Hip Zipper) and improving our better fit for better protection (AxyFlex)

One major change to the new pant line is the improve fit functions.  Our design team worked hard to make sure every seam, pad and flex of the pant worked WITH a skater.  Think of it as a tailor fit hockey pant that actually moves and flexes with the complicated motions of skating.

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2018 Covert QR Edge Glove – Line Details

by:  Warrior Hockey Marketing



This will be your definitive source for all information on the new 2018 Covert QR Edge glove line.  All the details on fit, protection, construction and feel for this new line of anatomical style gloves from Warrior Hockey.

To begin, the Covert QR Edge line is a progression from the Covert QRL line of gloves launched in 2016.  That model line introduced all-new features like our improved Covert Taper fit, Phantom lightweight foams and most noticeable, from a function perspective, the Axy Flex cuff.

For 2018, the Covert QR Edge line add some new features and product improvements to move our design, protection and functional progression forward.  All with the goals of providing the player with a protective glove that moves with the hand and feels butter-soft right off the shelf.  The success and amazing feedback from our Butter-Soft Feel tech and construction method, from Alpha, has now been applied to the full Covert QRE line.

Warrior Buttersoft Feel
Warrior anatomical stretch backhand give the Covert gloves a noticeable snappy, game-ready feel right off the shelf

Our line has so much value from price to price, but sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what you get when you move up in price.  Let me be your guide.

Let’s start from the opening model Covert QRE5

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