2018 Covert QR Edge Hockey Pant

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Covert QR Edge Pants

The Covert QR Edge pants are updated for 2018.  Drafting from the major improvements of the QRL pants in 2016, this new line maximizes our Covert Taper Fit, improving mobility, adding fit customization (Hip Zipper) and improving our better fit for better protection (AxyFlex)

One major change to the new pant line is the improve fit functions.  Our design team worked hard to make sure every seam, pad and flex of the pant worked WITH a skater.  Think of it as a tailor fit hockey pant that actually moves and flexes with the complicated motions of skating.

Covert Taper Fit:

This pro tailored fit follows the natural skating posture for hockey.  The minimalist form-fitting style allows the player to be quick and not worry about the pant getting in the way of maximizing the length of stride, getting low in a crouching turn or moving your legs freely in cross-overs.  When you think about it, the hockey pant has a difficult function.  It must provide key protection in vulnerable areas(hips, tailbone, thigh), but also allow for the mobility needed for skating and free leg movement.


This free leg movement is where the AxyFlex system works wonders.  This construction method, in two parts, allows the upper of the pant (hips, kidney, waist and spine protector to move independantly from the lower thigh, leg protection pads.  Two-piece pants have been common in the NHL for many years and our R&D dept. used that model and applied it to the AxyFlex system by improving how the upper and lower parts of the pants move independently AND work together for mobility.  Legs can move freely up and down or side to side, and mid-section/hips can move or pivot side to side or twist freely.

Adjustable Leg Extension:

This all-new, and major feature allows the pant leg length to be adjusted in seconds.  Simply undo the zipper around the hip gusset (where upper and lower pant meet) and the pant legs are extended by 1″.  This is a great feature for young players who are growing, or younger pre-teen players who are very skinny but tall.  Keeping the padding in place on the upper portion and extending the leg independently allows for a proper fit and keeps padding in place.

Visit Warrior.com for more details on our pants and see the full line.

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