Ritual G3 – Lightest Gear on the Market

by the Warrior Goalie Team It’s that time of year when many goalies are deciding what products they will entrust their game to for the coming year of hockey. As goalies and designers, we understand that goalie equipment is a big investment, financially and emotionally. You don’t want to find yourself mid-season wishing you’d chosen … Continue reading Ritual G3 – Lightest Gear on the Market

Ritual G3 Trapper/Blocker Tech Overview

by The Warrior Goalie Team (Pete Smith, Neal Watts, Kirk Allen) The G3 Trapper and Blocker are totally new for 2016. As with the leg pads, these new designs and features demonstrate our commitment to performance driven innovation. Here are the key performance benefits that result from the innovations found in the Ritual G3 Trapper … Continue reading Ritual G3 Trapper/Blocker Tech Overview