Headquartered in Warren, Michigan, Warrior Sports is recognized as one of the sporting goods industry’s premier manufacturer of innovative, high performance, cutting-edge equipment, footwear and apparel for lacrosse and hockey athletes of all ages and abilities.

Founded in 1992 by former champion lacrosse player David Morrow, Warrior was acquired by privately-held New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. in February 2004. The 2007 acquisition of Boston-based Brine Sporting Goods further established Warrior Sports as the dominant force in the lacrosse world.

Visit us at www.warrior.com

9 thoughts on “About Warrior

  1. Hi, I bought the Krown 2.0 helmet for my son just last week. It will not stay tight. We turn the dial/wheel near the back of the helmet, but once he moves or skates, he loosens. Is their a way to “lock it in?”


    1. There isn’t a Krown 2.0 helmet, 2.0 refers to the cage. Nevertheless, if the adjustment won’t stay tight, please contact our customer service team for replacement. Remember to have your receipt that shows date of purchase.


  2. Hello, left 2 messages so far about broken hockey stick and have not heard a reply? Please let me know how to get new stick or refund. Still under warranty.
    Thank you

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  3. Hi
    I love your gear I have a blue warrior covert, a blue warrior mac daddy and blue covert QRL3 pants. I love how protective and comfortable your gear is. I have been playing for five years and next year I am playing for a high school team who has warrior jerseys. It makes me a happy customer and I will definitely buy more of your gear. I was wondering I live in ann arbor Mi that if possible I could have a tour of your headquarters in Warren Mi. If this is able to happen great I am SO exited!
    Thanks a bunch,
    Caroline plagens


    1. Hi Caroline, we appreciate your support of the brand, however, we don’t offer tours of our Warren offices. Mostly because that’s what it is, just an office and a warehouse.


  4. Hello my son has been wearing a warrior catcher for the past two season.. it’s only ever been on ice he’s 9 years old and the leather at the top has cracked and the glove will be falling apart vary soon..
    Is this common in catchers I wanna buy him another one but am scared it will happen again..its not wear and tear.. if you would like pictures I can send some


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