Headquartered in Warren, Michigan, Warrior Sports is recognized as one of the sporting goods industry’s premier manufacturer of innovative, high performance, cutting-edge equipment, footwear and apparel for lacrosse and hockey athletes of all ages and abilities.

Founded in 1992 by former champion lacrosse player David Morrow, Warrior was acquired by privately-held New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. in February 2004. The 2007 acquisition of Boston-based Brine Sporting Goods further established Warrior Sports as the dominant force in the lacrosse world.

Visit us at www.warrior.com

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  1. Hi, I bought the Krown 2.0 helmet for my son just last week. It will not stay tight. We turn the dial/wheel near the back of the helmet, but once he moves or skates, he loosens. Is their a way to “lock it in?”

    1. There isn’t a Krown 2.0 helmet, 2.0 refers to the cage. Nevertheless, if the adjustment won’t stay tight, please contact our customer service team for replacement. Remember to have your receipt that shows date of purchase.

  2. Hello, left 2 messages so far about broken hockey stick and have not heard a reply? Please let me know how to get new stick or refund. Still under warranty.
    Thank you

  3. Hi
    I love your gear I have a blue warrior covert, a blue warrior mac daddy and blue covert QRL3 pants. I love how protective and comfortable your gear is. I have been playing for five years and next year I am playing for a high school team who has warrior jerseys. It makes me a happy customer and I will definitely buy more of your gear. I was wondering I live in ann arbor Mi that if possible I could have a tour of your headquarters in Warren Mi. If this is able to happen great I am SO exited!
    Thanks a bunch,
    Caroline plagens

    1. Hi Caroline, we appreciate your support of the brand, however, we don’t offer tours of our Warren offices. Mostly because that’s what it is, just an office and a warehouse.

  4. Hello my son has been wearing a warrior catcher for the past two season.. it’s only ever been on ice he’s 9 years old and the leather at the top has cracked and the glove will be falling apart vary soon..
    Is this common in catchers I wanna buy him another one but am scared it will happen again..its not wear and tear.. if you would like pictures I can send some

  5. Hello, I have a Warrior Alpha Evo stick & I have used it for the past month or two for games & last game I was going to take a shot & it snapped in half. Is there any way I could use the warranty or anything?

  6. I am looking to have my own custom pro stock sticks made. Have used several warrior pros tons from pro stock hockey and have a good handle on what I want. I buy a lot of sticks and would rather make my own for what I spend. Prefer pro stock feel to retail. Would someone be able to send me all info and contacts as well as order sheet to do this? Thank you.

    1. We do offer custom sticks but the options are limited for retail customers. You would be limited to options we currently offer for paint/graphic/curves/flexes. Custom curves are not available to retail customers. You can contact our customer service team at http://www.warrior.com for info on the current options available.

  7. We recently purchased my son (age 10) the Warrior Alpha QX3 junior 30 flex. He LOVES it (scored two goals the first game he played with it). I was wondering if Warrior has junior players test and rate equipment? If you do, my son who plays travel and house peewee hockey would be interested in doing so. He is a HUGE Detroit Redwings fan and he lives, eats and breaths all things hockey.

    1. Hi Kristy, we appreciate the support but we don’t use junior players to test equipment. All our testing is done in house.

    1. Our stock XL pants would fit your waist, however they would probably be a bit short given your height.

      1. Stock pro pants are the same sizes as retail. You would have to find a player that specifically has pants made with extra length. The only pants we’re currently offering in XL-Tall is the QRL3 but stock may be extremely limited at retail as the QRL line will be replaced this year.

      2. I found pro stock pants online that said xl tall, xl+1 and xl+2. I was just wondering how much longer each is?

  8. Do you know where I could get a red M Krown 360? No other helmet fits as well as the 360. Thanks.

    1. The Krown 360 has been out of production for a couple years now. There are very, very few left at retail. The current closest helmet would be the Covert PX+.

  9. Hello..a few years ago I had purchased a prostock RH Martin St. Louis hockey stick. I would like a new one as it now has a crack and have scoured the internet but cannot find one. Do you still manufacture? If not, do you know which current stick would be comparable? Thanks!!

    1. Being that Marty retired some time ago, we haven’t made him any sticks in a while. The closest retail stick would be the current Covert QRL.

      1. Thank you! Do you happen to know the lie, blade pattern, etc of the Martin St. Louis stick? I can’t seem to find or remember the specs.

  10. Hi – my son has a warrior hockey helmet and we misplaced the 2 cage stoppers. Not sure the name of them. The two plastic pieces that go on each side. Can I get replacements?

  11. Does Warrior offer any sort of demo program itself or through retailers? I have child interested in the G4 pads but would really like her to try them on the ice before investing in them. Thanks!

    1. Some retailers do offer demo pads to test. The retailers themselves are responsible for bringing that gear into their stores, it isn’t a program that we run. Your best option would be to contact your local store to see if they offer demo gear.

  12. Hi, I have just recently bought the warrior g3 goalie leg pads and the alastic straps for your skates have started to rip do you guys have replacement ones?

    1. We did have strap replacement kits available when G3 was the current model. Contact our Customer Service team to see if they are still available. Use the “contact us” page at http://www.warrior.com

  13. I may be in the Detroit area in a few weeks. Am I able to purchase equipment directly from your headquarters? Or do I need to use a retail store?

    1. We do not operate a store front at our HQ. You would need to visit a retail location for any purchases.

  14. Hello. I recently bought a Covert QRE4. I have used it 3 times and put a decent amount of tape on the blade each time. The blade is already chipping and there appears to be cracking going up pretty far as well. I don’t feel this is normal after 3 times of use. I have used lower quality sticks that have never chipped like this. Is there a warranty on these? The stick was bought less than a month ago from Hockey Monkey’s website.


  15. Hello Warrior team.

    I am looking to purchase a right handed QRL5 W71 55 Grip Pacioretty. I was purchasing it from our local retailer but they no longer carry this stick.

    Any suggestions on where I can purchase a couple?

    Also do you know another stick that would have the same blade curve as the Pacioretty?

    Thanks for your time.

    My son loves your sticks!

  16. Looking to customize Warrior R/G4 goalie pads. Are the exact color codes listed somewhere (Pantone is one universal code system, as an example)? I’m trying to get a sense of what the various blues and yellows/golds look like. Maybe simpler, what would approximate a Nashville Predator scheme from your available choices? Thanks in advance,

  17. Is there somewhere to buy warrior goalie pads besides goalie monkey? Looking for ritual g4 intermediate red white and blue.

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