Warrior Ritual G4 – Elevate Your Game

by the Warrior Goalie Team

Happy New Year from the Warrior Goalie team! The same drive, dedication and preparation it takes to be your best out on the ice is what we put into designing and testing our innovative, best in class goalie products. Please click PLAY below to watch our new video and see the lengths we have gone to in bringing our new Ritual G4 gear to life.

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More Warrior in the NHL Than Ever Before!

By John Arnott – Warrior Retail Sales Rep, Special Contributor

I’m sure that you’ve noticed the explosion of Warrior gear that has been taking over the league at an unprecedented pace. Having the likes of Mark Sheifele and Tyler Myers on board as well as having sticks in the hands of Leon Draisaitl in Edmonton and Johnny Gaudreau & Matt Tkachuk in Calgary have been amazing additions of A-list talent over the past few months.

I was recently connected with John Kirk – Pro Services Rep extraordinaire to get some insights as to how he goes about making such huge gains in such a short period of time.  Kirky takes care of the Jets, Flames, Oilers, Wild, Blues and Lightning officially, but he’s been at it so long and has so many great relationships with pro’s that he often takes calls from players from across the league. Going into the call, of course I wanted to know all of the inside scoop on what’s happening in the dressing rooms & who would be next to sign on – but I was also curious about the process of both signing new plays and keeping current ones satisfied and performing their best.

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Warrior Alpha AK27 Collection – Limited Release – Line Details


By DT – Warrior Hockey Marketing

We’re at it again. With the success of our Covert Throwback line last fall, we set out to capture another iconic Warrior stick graphic and put a modern twist on it for fall 2017.

One could argue that, aside from the original Dolomite, there isn’t a more recognizable or iconic Warrior graphic than the gold and black AK27 from 2007. Crisp. Clean. Bright. And Different. In other words, everything Warrior Hockey is.

Even though the original AK was a two-piece design, we’ve updated the graphic to incorporate the elements of the Alpha line and brought the AK27 up today’s technology on the Alpha QX platform.

Here are the details and where you can find the Alpha AK27 sticks, starting October 28th in limited release.

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Warrior Covert QRL SE Stick and Alpha QX SE Gloves – Line Details



by DT – Warrior Hockey Marketing

One of the most asked questions we get is, “how come Warrior doesn’t make a white stick anymore?” Well, the truth is, we never stopped making white sticks for NHL players. There has always been a few guys that are devout white stick users and we had to keep them happy (I’m looking at you Joe Pavelksi, Dustin Byfuglien, Blake Wheeler and Patrick Eaves). However, we did stop offering white sticks at retail (our last was the Covert QR3 in 2014-15).

Needless to say, we’ve heard your requests. Seen your custom orders. And we are officially bringing the white stick back for you in a limited release! White Lightning aka the new Covert QRL SE is here!

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Warrior Alpha QX Stick – Full Line Details


by DT – Warrior Marketing

With the official launch of the new Alpha line of sticks fast approaching (August 4th), it’s about time we gave you the full rundown of the models and features throughout the entire line. So, let’s get into the details of the Alpha QX sticks.

As we go through the line, we’ll call out the features of each model. For reference, check out the Alpha Tech blog that explains each technology feature in greater depth.

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