2017 Alpha QX Glove – Goals

by KP, Warrior Hockey Marketing


In April 2017, we will launch the all-new Alpha QX line of hockey gloves.  This line will replace our Dynasty AX line and continue our trend to modernize the traditional “4-roll” type of fit and feel.

The Dynasty AX line was a slight step away from the glove that really put Warrior “on the map”, the Franchise 4-roll.  This original glove made for a very boxy and voluminous fit and feel.  With the Alpha line, we take a bigger leap away from those old notions that a glove needs tremendous volume or be sloppy to be comfortable right off the wall.

I sat down with our lead glove designer, J.S. Dorval, to get the story behind the development goals of the new Alpha line.

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Warrior Covert PX Helmet – NHL Usage

by KP, Warrior Hockey Marketing

Warrior helmets are more visible in the NHL than ever before.  At the end of the 2015-16 season, 28 NHL pro players were wearing a Warrior helmet.  At the time of writing this blog post (Feb. 2017), Warrior has 70 players in helmets.

That’s a 150% increase in NHL helmets in one off-season.

You may ask yourself how such a huge jump happened over one summer?  The answer is pretty complicated.


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Warrior Covert Throwback Collection – Design Process

by: KP, Warrior Hockey Marketing

Launch day has arrived, but have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes?

I recorded a podcast interview with Jean-Sebastien Dorval (JS) our product designer in Montreal about what went into designing the Covert Throwback Collection.

Take a listen – it’s very interesting.

As a support to this podcast, JS and I thought we’d show you some of the designs that didn’t make the cut and the process to create the final designs.  These are designs that, for whatever reason, did not fit the “Modern Throwback” direction or fit the color combos our product team was going for.

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Warrior Covert Throwback Collection – Limited Release – Line Details

by: KP – Warrior Hockey Marketing

The day has come!  The launch day of the Warrior Covert Throwback Collection (Oct28, 2016).

Let me give you some more details into what the line consists of and where you can find it – which is important because it is such a limited release.

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Warrior Covert Throwback Collection – Limited Release

by: KP – Warrior Hockey Marketing

When we first previewed our Covert QRL Throwback product line last year at our product review meetings, I had an instant wave of nostalgia hit me.

Chris, our head of player product, walked the group through some design boards with a product strategy that explained building a limited release line of product that was influenced by our first lines of sticks. It was an amazing idea, blend some of what made Warrior stand out when we first hit the market 10 years ago, while building our very best performing product of today.


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Who Owns Quick Release? Covert QRL or Vapor 1X?

QRL VS 1X.001


by: KP, Warrior Hockey Marketing


Well, it’s July!  Now begins a month where the words “Quick Release” will be repeatedly blasted in your social media feeds.  Well, if you follow Warrior and Bauer Hockey it will.  But the question remains, who really owns Quick Release?

I (and we at Warrior) like to think that we do.  The Covert QR line of product launched in September of 2014.  We set out to simplify the way we market, design and promote product by concentrating on the benefit of the product to the player. Not some technical mumbo-jumbo that sounds good at a meeting inside our conference room.  Players don’t understand what Dagger Taper (an aggressive lower hosel taper) means, but they sure do enjoy ripping a shot so quick that a goalie didn’t even see it.  So Quick Release (QR) was born.

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Hockey gives us so much, we have to give back


by: KP  Warrior Hockey Marketing

You walk into a rink and you know it.  Any rink.  The old community barn, a newer private facility or even any big-time NHL palace.  You look at the people around you and see one common connection, Hockey.  Each person has the same passion for a sport you do.  It’s what brings us hockey people together.  Hockey gives us so much…so when you have a chance to give it something back – do it.

These opportunities come to us on a regular basis.  We can’t always accommodate every request, but sometimes there are some that you just can’t say no to.

Hendrickson Foundation

The Hendrickson Foundation helps any kid and military veteran share our love for hockey. We sponsor the Minnesota Hockey Hair Video and use it to generate views to donate $30K in standing hockey and sled hockey equipment for them,  In addition to our equipment donation, last week we were able to raise over $1K in cash for them by charity auctions of our Land of 10,000 Locks hats.  Their motto is “Hockey Changes Lives” and we agree!

Learn more about the great work of the Hendrickson Foundation:

Boomer and Carton for the Mikey Strong Foundation

Boomer and Carton is a nationally syndicated NYC radio sports program.  They have taken a very personal relationship to another hockey family member who suffered a spinal injury during his high school hockey game, Mike Nichols.  When they reached out and asked Warrior to help outfit players for their charity game to benefit Mikey Strong and the Christopher Reeve Foundation (another hockey guy), we said yes.

Make A Wish Canada and the Winnipeg Jets

It’s not every day you get an email from an NHL equipment manager asking you to outfit a set of triplets.  So when Jason McMaster sent us an email asking to help some little kids out, we said yes.  Turns out, he wanted the kids to look as professional as possible for a very special day.

Connolly Gamble was diagnosed with a brain tumor when his brother went in for concussion testing and he was used as the baseline.  His Wish was to skate with the Winnipeg Jets and Make A Wish Canada granted it.  He’s such a great hockey kid that he requested if he could share the experience with his brothers.  How could we say no to such a classy kid!

Photo by Darcy Finley/NHLI via Getty Images

And there’s video!

Needless to say, it’s easy coming in on a Monday morning when we could do some good for hockey people over the weekend.



Black Friday Blowout 2015


It’s the Monday before Thanksgiving (in America) and thoughts of family, friends, food and football are on the mind.  But after waking from the pumpkin pie/tryptophan-haze, our attention quickly turns to punching another human in the face for 30% off a Darth Vader Helmet toaster (it exists – google it!).


Ah yes! Black Friday is almost here!

We, at Warrior, love that there could be customers out there fighting each other for a deal on Warrior sticks, so we put together a plan to cause exactly that all around North America.

We are giving you the chance to save $100 on the purchase of a Warrior top-end stick.

Take your pick:

You could save on the lightest, fastest stick we’ve ever made, the Covert QR1.


You could save on unleashing the power of the Dynasty HD1.


Or, you could even save on our latest Darth Vader toaster-inspired Covert QR1 SE Black.

QR1 SE Back


All you have to do is go to your Warrior dealer online or in-store on Friday November 27, buy a stick, and click the link we give you to fill out your address and take a picture of your receipt.  Warrior will then mail you a check for $100 (C$100 to Canadian customers – let’s keep things fair).


Here the catch – there are only 500 rebates available in North America.

So, carbo-load up on Thursday, ’cause Friday is gonna rock!

Stay tuned to Warrior Hockey social media – we’ll be sending out the link to fill out your rebate form there.

Follow us today so you’re ready to save on Friday.  Click the icons below:

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If you, or your parents are lawyers – here’s all the legal details of the program.

Pour tout les détails en Français – cliquez ici