Alpha One Helmets – Line Details


by DT – Warrior Marketing

In August of 2018, Warrior Hockey will debut a new helmet line that features our most advanced protection system ever. The all-new Alpha One helmet feature a completely new design from the inside out that combine for a new level of comfort and protection.

Let’s explore the new Alpha One helmet line and the featured technology.

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Warrior Covert QR Edge – Full Line Details


By DT – Warrior Marketing

With the official launch of the new Covert QREdge line of sticks coming in July, it’s about time we gave you the full rundown of the models and features throughout the entire line. So, let’s get into the details of the Covert QREdge sticks.

As we go through the line, we’ll call out the features of each model.

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2018 Covert QR Edge Hockey Pant

by:  Warrior Hockey Marketing




Covert QR Edge Pants

The Covert QR Edge pants are updated for 2018.  Drafting from the major improvements of the QRL pants in 2016, this new line maximizes our Covert Taper Fit, improving mobility, adding fit customization (Hip Zipper) and improving our better fit for better protection (AxyFlex)

One major change to the new pant line is the improve fit functions.  Our design team worked hard to make sure every seam, pad and flex of the pant worked WITH a skater.  Think of it as a tailor fit hockey pant that actually moves and flexes with the complicated motions of skating.

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2018 Covert QR Edge Glove – Line Details

by:  Warrior Hockey Marketing



This will be your definitive source for all information on the new 2018 Covert QR Edge glove line.  All the details on fit, protection, construction and feel for this new line of anatomical style gloves from Warrior Hockey.

To begin, the Covert QR Edge line is a progression from the Covert QRL line of gloves launched in 2016.  That model line introduced all-new features like our improved Covert Taper fit, Phantom lightweight foams and most noticeable, from a function perspective, the Axy Flex cuff.

For 2018, the Covert QR Edge line add some new features and product improvements to move our design, protection and functional progression forward.  All with the goals of providing the player with a protective glove that moves with the hand and feels butter-soft right off the shelf.  The success and amazing feedback from our Butter-Soft Feel tech and construction method, from Alpha, has now been applied to the full Covert QRE line.

Warrior Buttersoft Feel
Warrior anatomical stretch backhand give the Covert gloves a noticeable snappy, game-ready feel right off the shelf

Our line has so much value from price to price, but sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what you get when you move up in price.  Let me be your guide.

Let’s start from the opening model Covert QRE5

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Warrior Ritual G4 – Tech Overview

by the Warrior Goalie Team


We have heard the question asked many times; how will the Ritual G4 possibly improve upon the exceptional performance of the Ritual G3? That’s a great question. How do you improve upon a line of goalie equipment that is already the lightest, most innovative and high performing gear available?

This is no simple task but with the decades of design and innovation expertise within the Warrior Goalie Team, along with our advanced testing capabilities, we knew we were up for the challenge to create a new state of the art with the Ritual G4.

We are on a constant quest to optimize every detail of our equipment, achieving this through new testing methods, material advancements and new product features. In addition to applying our own experiences as goalies, we also keep our eyes and ears wide open to the feedback coming in from goalies worldwide. Our unwavering laser focus remains on performance driven innovation that will Elevate YOUR Game.

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Warrior Ritual G4 – Get Square Fast

by the Warrior Goalie Team

Your game is the culmination of your skill, drive and focus. You can only get out of it what you are willing to put in with hard work. We are goalies too, so we get it. We feel the exact same way about the gear we create. We are determined to continually bring goalie equipment to the next level of performance so that, combined with your hard work and passion, you can take your game to the next level.

One common factor for all goalies is the need to get square to the puck as fast as possible. This requires speed and agility on your part but it also requires gear that is light weight, designed for mobility and offers features that help maximize coverage and seal off holes. Being square to the puck gives you the best chance at making an efficient save. With this in mind, we put our hard work and passion into consistently bringing you the highest performing goalie equipment on the market to help Elevate YOUR Game.

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Warrior Swagger SE Goal Sticks

by The Warrior Goalie Team

The Swagger SE is now available in stores. Unique colorways feature black, grey or white based options to match your current set of gear. Whether you are in a dark based custom set or a stock all white set, the Swagger SE line gives you new options to add style to your set up.


Built on the Swagger PRO construction, the Swagger SE offers optimal puck feel, balanced weight, and consistent durability. The paddle is a urethane RIM core, offering stiff flex when passing and superb durability against high impact shots. The blade and paddle utilize strategically placed ABS plastic inserts for optimal durability without negatively affecting the weight and balance of the stick. The handle is a combination of Birch/Aspen with Fiberglass laminate on both the front and back face which keeps the top of the stick lightweight while providing extreme durability from impact. This stick is made exclusively in our Finland factory. Check out the list of dealers below who have Swagger SE sticks available in their stores.

USA Dealers

Canada Dealers

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2018: Erik Karlsson in QR Edge

by KP – Warrior Hockey Marketing

As was reported last week, Erik Karlsson put the new 2018 Covert QR Edge in play January 5th.

Chicago Blackhawks v Ottawa Senators
Erik Karlsson and his Warrior Covert QR Edge January 9 2018 – Getty Images (Andre Ringuette/NHLI)


I reached out to Erik Karlsson’s Warrior pro rep, Chris Paul, for some background on the switch and what Erik thought about the new Covert QR Edge graphics.

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Warrior Ritual G4 – Elevate Your Game

by the Warrior Goalie Team

Happy New Year from the Warrior Goalie team! The same drive, dedication and preparation it takes to be your best out on the ice is what we put into designing and testing our innovative, best in class goalie products. Please click PLAY below to watch our new video and see the lengths we have gone to in bringing our new Ritual G4 gear to life.

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More Warrior in the NHL Than Ever Before!

By John Arnott – Warrior Retail Sales Rep, Special Contributor

I’m sure that you’ve noticed the explosion of Warrior gear that has been taking over the league at an unprecedented pace. Having the likes of Mark Sheifele and Tyler Myers on board as well as having sticks in the hands of Leon Draisaitl in Edmonton and Johnny Gaudreau & Matt Tkachuk in Calgary have been amazing additions of A-list talent over the past few months.

I was recently connected with John Kirk – Pro Services Rep extraordinaire to get some insights as to how he goes about making such huge gains in such a short period of time.  Kirky takes care of the Jets, Flames, Oilers, Wild, Blues and Lightning officially, but he’s been at it so long and has so many great relationships with pro’s that he often takes calls from players from across the league. Going into the call, of course I wanted to know all of the inside scoop on what’s happening in the dressing rooms & who would be next to sign on – but I was also curious about the process of both signing new plays and keeping current ones satisfied and performing their best.

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