Ritual G3 and Ritual GT Sizing Guide

by the Warrior Goalie Team

Leg pad sizing can be confusing. Adding to this confusion is the fact that each company has their own way of achieving a range of sizes. In this blog, we will explain how our sizing works and the differences between each size so you have a complete understanding when purchasing your next set of Ritual G3 or R/GT leg pads.

Many goalies prefer the advantages and convenience of going with stock gear as opposed to custom. With this in mind, we have created a leg pad sizing system that allows for a great fit in stock sizes. In truth, our stock sizing offers more variables than some competitor’s custom offering. Here is an explanation of how our sizing system works.

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Alpha QX Gloves – Independent Review

Submitted by Vincent Plana


5 Reasons why the Warrior QX Alpha Changes the Glove Game:

Warrior is synonymous with their feather-light sticks and iconic gloves. With a huge representation in the NHL, they constantly provide dynamic products at both the pro and retail level. The start of 2017 is no exception, as Warrior releases their QX Alpha glove. It’s a fresh, ground-breaking take on the traditional 4-Roll, and here are some reasons why it’s set to make a splash!

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Ritual CR Goal Sticks

by the Warrior Goalie Team


On April 14th we’ll be launching the all new R/CR composite goal stick line. In this blog we’ll give you the details you need to know and how they’ll help #ElevateYOURgame.

When we started developing the R/CR line we focused on three key purposes goalies use their sticks for. Once we established these three purposes, we developed the stick to enhance a goaltender’s ability and overall feel in these areas.

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Alpha QX Protective – Full Line Details

by: KP, Warrior Hockey Marketing


Our all-new 2017 protective products (Shin, Shoulder and Elbow) is an overhaul on our Dynasty protective line originally launched in 2015.  The Dynasty line really help set Warrior up for success and was our most successful protective line to date – God knows we’ve been trying for years to get it right.

Much of that success came from a new focus on fit, protection and mobility.  The product team achieved their goals and made new goals for the Alpha line to continue our success.  They added fit refinement, sizing simplicity, weight reduction and improved ventilation to their list of goals for Alpha.  One other major endeavor was spreading the good features to more opening price point products.  Give more people the chance to feel Warrior protective by expanding our line to more price points.

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Alpha QX Gloves – Full Line Details

by: KP, Warrior Hockey Marketing


So now that we’ve grabbed your attention with the Design Goals of Alpha Gloves and how they are Game-Ready off the shelf let’s go into more detail on the specs and differences of the gloves through the line.

We know, from sales figures, that the Alpha QX is not going to be on every hockey players’ hands.  Most top-end gloves don’t get the love they deserve because not many players use them or are even exposed to them.  So the product team wanted to make sure that every glove in the line, no matter price, enjoyed the comfort goals of the Alpha line.  Whichever glove you purchase or try-on, you’ll feel that Butter-Soft feeling right away.


Our line has so much value from price to price, but sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what you get when you move up in price.  Let me be your guide.

Let’s start from the opening model Alpha QX5.

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Designing the Covert PX Helmets

by James Searle, Warrior Helmet Engineer

In 2014 when we began to establish goals for what would become the Covert helmet line, the two main areas of focus were fit and protection. The changes to the fit system were very straight forward; develop a traditional fit adjustment system to give the customer a fit that they are familiar with.


Moving on from the four-play adjustment system on our Krown helmet line, we decided to develop a traditional side clip system for front to back adjustment for the new Covert line. Contrary to the original Krown line, this did not necessarily represent an evolution in helmet fit and adjustment but it was exactly what we were being asked for, especially from the NHL pros. This change in adjustment system would allow us to reduce the number of plastic components in the rear of the helmet, ultimately reducing the weight and improving the balance of the helmet as well. This, combined with the sleek new look of the re-designed rear piece allowed us to bring a modern, lightweight helmet to market while maintaining that traditional Warrior look. Now players can just flip open the side flaps, adjust the helmet, close the flaps and forget about it. Mission accomplished.

 sect-4-wing      sect-4-wing-anim

When we started talking about our protection goals, we ended up with more questions than answers. How can we tangibly improve protection? Protection has become such an important part of helmet technology, what can we bring to the industry to improve impact management? How does improving high-impact performance affect low-impact performance? Can you have both? To answer these questions, we had to get back to basics; get on the ice and throw some hits and learn from focused impact research.

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Alpha QX Glove – Butter Soft Feel


by: KP, Warrior Hockey Marketing

It’s a right of passage for any new glove.  Try it on for size in the store and put on your imagination hat and think of what that glove will feel like after it has broken in.  Also, ask yourself, how long will it take to break in.

It was the first thing our design team wanted to do away with, as you probably read in our first Alpha QX Glove blog “Goals”.  Butter Soft Feel was the funny descriptor they used to achieve this off-the-shelf broken-in feel.  But how did they achieve this incredible feel in a glove…let me break down the simple changes here.

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Ritual GT – Tech Overview

by the Warrior Goalie Team

In our previous blog we shared some of the questions we asked ourselves before designing the new Ritual GT line. These questions could be summed with this; “Can we offer products with traditional design elements that also provide the unparalleled high performance established by the Ritual G3 line of gear?”

In this blog, we’ll introduce the features of the new Ritual GT gear. We’ll show you how we’ve combined conventional design elements with the best in class innovations of the G3 line. This merging of tradition and innovation delivers comfort and tried and true feel while still offering the advanced performance you need to Elevate YOUR Game.

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2017 Alpha QX Glove – Goals

by KP, Warrior Hockey Marketing, @warriorstickguy


In April 2017, we will launch the all-new Alpha QX line of hockey gloves.  This line will replace our Dynasty AX line and continue our trend to modernize the traditional “4-roll” type of fit and feel.

The Dynasty AX line was a slight step away from the glove that really put Warrior “on the map”, the Franchise 4-roll.  This original glove made for a very boxy and voluminous fit and feel.  With the Alpha line, we take a bigger leap away from those old notions that a glove needs tremendous volume or be sloppy to be comfortable right off the wall.

I sat down with our lead glove designer, J.S. Dorval, to get the story behind the development goals of the new Alpha line.

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