30-Years of Innovation

by Neal Watts – Warrior Goalie Designer

As many of you know, Pete Smith has been designing goalie gear for a long time. In fact, this year marks Pete’s 30th anniversary in the business of designing and building goalie equipment.

In 1986, the summer before his senior year of high school, Pete made his first sale. It was a blocker and trapper set that he made in his parent’s basement. He had brought a sample pair of gloves he built to a goalie camp to show his childhood idol Dan Bouchard (Quebec Nordiques) who was coaching that week. He received his first order from a fellow camper and thus he began his career in the goalie business. By 1987, Pete was designing and building pads and gloves for the retail market as a contractor for the brand Victoriaville (Vic).



From his early days in the business, Pete was an innovator. In 1990, he started building pads for Tom Barrasso. That season, Tom and the Pittsburgh Penguins got off to a shaky start. About 10 games in to the season, Barrasso switched into a new pad designed and built by Pete. With its unique hinged knee and ankle design, the pads looked like nothing else on the market at the time. The foam core design and all white shell looked boxy and, quite frankly, bizarre compared to all the soft and squishy dear hair stuffed leather pads of the era. They may have looked strange, but they worked for Barrasso. He immediately went 8 and 0, before capping off a solid season with a Stanley Cup championship, then winning the Cup again the next year. As odd as they may have looked, those pads were way ahead of their time.

Tom Barrasso in his Pete Smith designed pads.

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See Me in G3 Contest

SeeMeInG3 Post2

As hockey season begins across North America, goalies of all ages are entering their crease looking to elevate their game to a higher level than ever before. At Warrior, we aim to deliver the highest performing and lightest equipment on the market. We truly believe the Ritual G3 provides goalies the best chance at stealing wins, posting shutouts and winning championships this upcoming season.

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Ritual G3 Custom Leg Pad Fit Guarantee

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 10.10.49 AM
by The Warrior Goalie Team


When choosing the size of your Custom Ritual G3 Leg Pads, it is important that you feel confident the personalized product you receive will fit properly. Warrior is committed to your satisfaction with equipment that performs and fits great. This is why we recently introduced, an industry leading, six month warranty on all Ritual G3 products which you can learn more about *HERE*

We are now excited to offer you our Custom Leg Pad Fit Guarantee! Whether you go into an authorized Warrior Ritual dealer or you’re making your sizing decisions on your own, using our sizing fit guide, you can order with confidence knowing that if the leg pads arrive and do not fit as you anticipated, we will build a new set with your desired size change. The full details of this offer can be found *HERE*

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2016 Swagger Foam Core Goal Sticks

by the Warrior Goalie Team


The Swagger PRO is the foundation of our foam core collection. It continues to be a top choice of NHLer’s who use Foam Core sticks because of it’s optimal puck feel, balanced weight, and consistent durability. The paddle is a thick construction urethane RIM core, offering stiff flex when passing and superb durability against high impact shots. The blade and paddle utilize strategically placed ABS plastic inserts for optimal durability without negatively affecting the weight and balance of the stick. The handle is a combination of Birch/Aspen with Fiberglass laminate on both the front and back face which keeps the top of the stick lightweight while providing extreme durability from impact. This stick is made exclusively in our Finland factory.

Swagger PRO

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Who Owns Quick Release? Covert QRL or Vapor 1X?

QRL VS 1X.001


by: KP, Warrior Hockey Marketing


Well, it’s July!  Now begins a month where the words “Quick Release” will be repeatedly blasted in your social media feeds.  Well, if you follow Warrior and Bauer Hockey it will.  But the question remains, who really owns Quick Release?

I (and we at Warrior) like to think that we do.  The Covert QR line of product launched in September of 2014.  We set out to simplify the way we market, design and promote product by concentrating on the benefit of the product to the player. Not some technical mumbo-jumbo that sounds good at a meeting inside our conference room.  Players don’t understand what Dagger Taper (an aggressive lower hosel taper) means, but they sure do enjoy ripping a shot so quick that a goalie didn’t even see it.  So Quick Release (QR) was born.

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Covert QRL Files: 003 – Stick Graphics Are a Balance of Art & Science

J.S. Dorval – Warrior Design Team


You have to know its Warrior even without the logo.”

That’s only part of designing a new stick graphic, but it’s a very important part of a larger formula. Coming up with the graphic for each new stick comes with a set of challenges that is unique to hockey sticks. People don’t tend to think of a stick as a difficult canvas to work on, but you have to remember that it has four sides not just two. That detail alone presents it’s own set of challenges.

For the Covert QRL graphic we began a completely new process for designing stick graphics. Previously we had worked in conjunction with an outside designer, not anymore. This time, the graphic would be constructed totally in-house.

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