Part 1 – HyperDrive Technology

by: Keith Perera, Warrior Hockey Marketing

When our engineering team began development on the Dynasty HD series, we identified one key component that every stick in the line needed – more power you can FEEL.  Every company touts having a mid-kick stick, but we wanted to truly find “what does mid-kick even mean”?

So we set out to identify what our main consumer-base thought was the best mid-kick on the market.  Sadly for us, it was a competitor stick, but that doesn’t stop us from fighting dirty and kicking them in the balls in the engineering/design lab.

The Evil Empire lied to you – surprise!


Kids identified the Schmauer MXPhree as the leader in “mid kick technology”.  We put it on our flex-point testing machines and (not surprisingly) found out that it doesn’t really have a mid-kick flex point.  It doesn’t have a flex point at ALL!  It’s just a even flex throughout the entire length of the shaft, which means, wherever your lower hand is, that’s where it will flex.  Once again, marketing tricked the kids (irony coming from a marketing guy, I know).

Welcome to the Nerd Zone

So we said to ourselves – what if a mid kick stick had an engineered flex zone in the middle area of the stick.  A REAL MID KICK ZONE.  Our smart-guys on staff know physics and other complicated (for me) stuff.  They explained to me that a stick stores energy when a kid loads the stick and that energy is released to the puck.  The more energy you store, the more gets transferred (Potential Energy, kids).


The majority of that load is transferred to the stick from your lower hand, so the engineers designed the HyperDrive Kick zone to maximize load on every shot in that area.

Sound simple?  That’s what we like.


Imagine the HyperDrive zone is the loaded spring in your lower hand.

The next challenge is to make this kick zone something a player can feel when they shoot.  Our Covert QR family has a Super Low Kick that people can feel, so we applied the same theory and materials but to the middle of the stick.  The HyperDrive Kick Zone is a 14″ zone where you will feel MORE FLEX.


This doesn’t affect the flex rating of the stick (yes bro, a 100flex is still strong enough for you) but if you normally use a 100flex, you’ll get more power from our stick than you’re used to.  On any shot, the stick will load and release with MORE stored energy.  In fact, we tested that against those guys (let the ball kicking commence).


10% might not sound like a lot (I scoffed at our engineeres), but then they explained it to me like this.  Energy equals velocity, so if your maximum shot velocity is 80mph, adding Hyperdrive gets you to 88mph with the same shot.

See – I told you we’d keep it simple!


Visit our website for full details of the Dynasty HD line.


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