• Best in class arm protection and mobility
  • Shockshield & AxyFlex technology (US and Canada patent pending)
  • New squared up shoulder floaters
  • New side Velcro attachment
  • Removable front/side chest pad extensions

(S) Small body / small arms
(M/S) Medium body / small arms
(M) Medium body / medium arms
(L/M) Large body / medium arms
(L) Large body / large arms
(XLL) XLarge body / large arms
(XL) XLarge body / XLarge arms

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6 thoughts on “Ritual G2 Pro Chest & Arm

  1. I am a big guy I bought this in an xl and the arms are way to long. Will a large fit the same but have shorter arms ? Also if not where can I get a XLL OR L/M

    1. Did you buy an XL with XL arms? The XL is also available with LG arms. But your dealer should be able to get you an XLL or L/M if you need one. Both sizes are available.

  2. I have this chesty and love it, I unfortunately had a mishap where my shoulder risers were damaged when storing my equipment in my shed. Is there any way I can purchase replacement risers? I have an XL G2 Pro. Please let me know if theres anything I can do!!!!!

  3. With all the adjustable features on this item, I am at a loss to understand why you haven’t produced an instructional video to explain how to optimize it’s use. I haven’t been able to find one and I don’t see anything on your website. Overall, I really like the product but I do have a few issues. I find that the lower part tends to catch on my pads when I go into my set stance. The arms are about 1″ too long so the elbow cup is not perfectly positioned and the cuffs interfere slightly with my gloves. The arm length doesn’t seem to be adjustable. Finally, I find the arms tend to rotate out of square when I turn my hands so the effectiveness of the square arms is reduced. Any advice on these points would be appreciated

    1. We actually worked in tandem with Total Hockey to produce several videos on the both the Pro and Classic chest and arm. You can find them here:
      All of the issues you mention sound like they can be solved by adjusting the straps on the back and underside of the unit. If you need additional help, you can always call and speak with a customer service goalie specialist and they can walk you through the process.

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