As Warrior Hockey drives towards our 15th anniversary (2020), we thought we should take a look back and see how we’ve changed and evolved as a company. There isn’t a better way to explore our heritage as a company than by taking a visual journey back through our stick graphics.

When we arrived at retail and on the NHL scene in 2005, we knew we had to make a splash…we had to be different. Our sticks had to look different. And they certainly were different!

Bright colors. Flashy graphics. Funky names. 100% attitude. 200% Warrior.

Our approach worked. You noticed. Pros noticed. The industry noticed.

Although our graphics and names have changed and we’ve reeled in the craziness a bit, we’re still Warrior and we’re still different from the other guys. It’s all part of growing up, right? But just because we’ve grown up doesn’t mean we’ve lost our attitude.

With that in mind, lose yourself in the timeline below and explore all our retail sticks from the beginning to the present. We hope you have as much fun as we had putting it together.

the Warrior Hockey Marketing and Stick Design Teams
If you’d like to hear the stories behind these graphics, you can listen to a special Warrior podcast that takes you through the ideas, concepts and meanings that went into the design of each of the sticks in our history.



*Not all models are shown.

**Some graphics shown here may not represent the final version of the stick(s) released at retail. 

***This timeline is meant for reference only.