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Montreal Canadiens v Colorado Avalanche

Warrior PRO: Brendan Gallagher
Age: 23
Height/Weight: 5’9” – 184 lbs.
Position: Right Wing
Team: Montreal Canadiens
Experience: Fourth NHL Season
Current Warrior Gear: Covert QR1 stick, Krown PX3 helmet, Covert QR1 gloves, Covert DT1 pants

Former NHLer Pat Verbeek is known as the “Little Ball of Hate” for his tenacity, toughness and willingness to get a little dirty to win. The modern day version of Verbeek may very well be Warrior PRO Brendan Gallagher of the Montreal Canadiens. In just his fourth NHL season, Gallagher has solidified himself as a blood and guts type leader for Montreal and a big force in the Canadiens’ lineup.

A fifth round draft pick in 2010 from the Vancouver Giants, Gallagher only spent 30 games in the minors until cementing his spot in the Canadiens lineup. Gally joined the Canadiens after the resolution of the 2012-13 Lockout and quickly found his NHL game. In 44 games he registered 28 points (15G 13A) and finished second in Calder Trophy voting. He has continued to build on his rookie success each year and established career highs in goals, assists and points in 2014-2015 (24G 23A 47P).

If not for a significant hand injury this season, Gallagher probably would have established new career highs in every offensive category as his points-per-game average is the highest of his career at 0.77 PPG for his 43 games played. [Extrapolated out over 82 games, his scoring per game translates to 30G 33A 63P]

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The son of a former NHL Strength and Conditioning Coach, Brendan is no stranger to hard work. His coaches and teammates often cite him for his tenacity and unwillingness to give up on a puck. Gally’s hard-nosed play also makes opposing players and coaches take notice on a nightly basis. It’s that approach to the game that earned him an Alternate Captain’s letter “A” on his jersey this season.

2016 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic - Montreal Canadiens v Boston Bruins

Brendan Gallagher joined the Warrior PRO family in the summer of 2014 after teammate and Warrior PRO Max Pacioretty scored 39 goals, a career high, the previous season.

He asked us to make him a batch sticks that he could try over the summer and make a decision prior to training camp. When he received his samples he took them to work with his shooting coach, Tim Turk. According to them, the QR1 outperformed every other brand and Gally told our Pro Rep, “the sticks are unbelievable, I’m all in!”

Brendan is what we call an “off the rack” Warrior PRO. What does that mean? Basically, he uses the same product you can buy at your local shop. His gloves are stock 14-inch along with stock pants, stock helmet and 70-flex, Covert QR1, stick…that, until this season, also included a stock W01 curve. This season he asked for a slightly more open blade but the curve is basically the same.

Montreal Canadiens v Arizona Coyotes

Gally is the total package and exemplifies what it is to be a Warrior PRO with his combination of skill, toughness and most of all heart.

Brendan Gallagher is currently second on the Canadiens in goals (16) and fifth in points (33) in just 43 games played.

2016 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic -  Practice Day